Just another introduction/Gear thread!

Hey all!

I’ve had my unicycle for 8 days now. I can semi consistently free-mount, and when I do it right, I can usually for for 20-30m on flat, smooth ground.

I am wearing a marketed-as-bicycle helmet, as well as a pair of wrist splints/guards.

Oh! Here’s my unicycle! http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260393937620

Far from spectacular, I know, I just thought I’d get a piece of crap to beat up and then get a decent cycle I could care for. This thing… horror stories. Metal shards in the rim, popped it’s own inner tube. One of the cranks became unscrewed and fell off while riding. I carry 2 socket wrenches and an alan key with it where ever I take it.

So! I’m looking to get some new swag eventually. I’m content with my helmet… but that’s about it. The wrist guards aren’t mine, I borrowed them. I’m looking for, as I’ve seen them around, the guards that are also “cycling gloves”… you know, with the cut-out fingers. If someone could fill me in on where to get those, that’d be great.

Also, I’m going to need a new unicycle soon. This thing just isn’t going to cut it much longer. Different names come up… Torker, Nimbus, Kris Holm… I don’t know what I’m looking for. Something with a bigger tire that I can get places with yet still be maneuverable… I’m thinking 24-29 inch?

Thanks, all!

You should look on unicycle.com. They have those gloves you want and a lot of unicycles. You should probably get a nimbus if you dont wanna spend a lot of money right now.

If you want gloves you should consider this thread:

I purchased a pair through amazon. There are other suppliers. They seem to run a little small. Simple wrist guards will work for most unicycle riding.