Just another August day

What can I say? Enjoy!!!

1st snow of season

You are so jammy, living in a beautiful part of the world like that! :smiley:

whoa! that mountain range is ridiculous! it almost doesnt look real!

those are great photos. I love your cokers! I got to try a coker for the first time a few days ago. I was so surprised, I fit!

I. Freakin. Hate. You.

YOU HAVE SNOW ALEADY!!! whoa… that makes me really really happy… i wish it would snow here… it usually takes until october here…

it takes until about novemeber to snow here

That is sweet.

It never snows for me. never ever

AMAZING!!! I miss the snow. Those pictures are real groovy.

here it never have snow

Wow. Snow in the mountains already.

Is that your daughter you’re riding with? My daughter thinks I’m weird for riding unicycles.

The second photograph’s unicycles kinda look like a bike if you take a quick glance.

I so much envy you guys. It never snows down here.

After growing up in Michigan, with snowy winters but no mountains, I’m happy to keep the winter snow in my pocket. None on my driveway, but if I climb up on the roof I can see it; on the ski slopes around Lake Tahoe where it belongs!

As always, beautiful pictures from the Colorado high country.

Doesn’t it melt?


Don’t be hatin.

It seemed early this year, but who knows. It was 75 F today, Indian Summer comin on!

Yes it is my daughter, she is stoked that she can ride the Coker! Don’t all sons and daughters think that their parents are weird?

Thanks John (& others), it was a great day to be in the high country, I am grateful.:smiley:

That’s awesome! Hopefully I’ll be moving out to Colorado within the next year, that is my goal at least. It depends on if I lose my job which I think I will due to either not getting FDA approval or a bigger company buying us out and then getting laid off. So if all goes good (I actually want to get laid off in a way) I’ll be seeing you in the near future and riding with you! I really really want to get more into Muni and Trials and MN is not the place to do it…

Looks like it was a wonderful ride once again. I’m envious that you have snow already, since I’m an alpine skier.

Just to clarify for anyone who didn’t catch, my “I hate you” was merely because of his awesome location. I’m so freakin’ jealous.