just about done with level 3...

i havnt done the seat on stomach yet… or the small figure 8… but i have been working on idling and i just cant seem to get it… this is what happens, i can do two or three… but then i start going to the side, when i idle towards the back then to the other side when idling back to the front… what the heck is going on??? i learned a few new mounts tonight too!! i can … mount with and with out a roll back, right and left footed (with the roll back)… side mount, mount from the front, and sometimes mount while rolling without stopping… its exciting!!! :smiley: i have also been working on seat in front but that is just pissing me off! hahaha

can you try to explain whats going on when you idle better?
I think you’re doing okay with the idling, just need more practice…its okay if you twist a bit, you’ll fix that as you learn.

today i idled about 15-20 times!!! and rode backwards about 10 rotations… and!!! rode on my stomach for at least 0-30 rotations! the one thing though isi can ride backwards and idle better on my frieds sun!!! :thinking: he has 125mm cranks i think and i have 114mm…i dont know.

Good job. I’m about at the same level. I can do all the level 3 stuff except the riding on stomach part. Gotta admit that I haven’t even tried it yet. I guess I don’t see the use in it. My 180 turns are real marginal too but I can do them probably half the time. Keep up the good work.


Considering your signature line (which I think is fantastic) I think that seat on stomach would be just the thing that we should get out of the way first. It’s just a farting around skill. :smiley:

As for the idling (which seems to be going well already), I seemed to go through a transition period that sounds like what you were initially describing. I would have lots of turning corrections by twisting my hips and making (as podzol once described so aptly) scalloped patterns with the tire. As I got better at it (and I’m not done yet), the corrections became less and less severe. Keep it up, have fun!