Just a thought

Kinda continuing a thread from before, but i felt like starting a new one anyway. I was thinking the other day about posts which had been made regarding newbies asking the same questions repeatedly, which seem quite obvious and can be answered from the archives.
It struck me that when i quite recently started uniing (Just before last Christmas), i wanted to get a ‘foothold’ in this forum, and make my presence known, both so i could receive support but also later on maybe advise others. One of the most obvious routes to break into what can otherwise appear quite an established group is to ask the simple questions, 'cos that is all you are capable of.
Questions like ‘Which uni should i get?’, ‘Any tips on how to ride?’ etc,( i forget which ones are painfully reoccuring) allow us as more established (Well, a bit :slight_smile: ) riders to greet people / provide a sense of belonging.
Man, i really sound like a Psychologist now…
Away from shrink mode to humble thanx tone.
Thank you to all who have greeted or guided me thru this forum, it was worth your time in answering my questions, i appreciate it.

Never know, that annoying newbie asking whether it is easier to pedal using your hands or feet could be the next Kris Holm or go on to become an incredible freestyle master like some of the Japanese guys/girls ( I forget their names, not their riding)

Re: Just a thought

You tell it, bro’: I’m with ya.

I have susspected for some time now that UniDak would one day become a Japanese Girl.



thanx for finally clearing those PM’s i gave you in response to your tests(feels great to be your PM ginny pig:p )

if your going to use this feature its a good idea to select in your options to "pop up a box "when you get a PM so the dude on the other end does’nt feel spamed with hello,test,Hello,TesT,HELLO TEST:)

I just wanted to see more creativity. One of my first posts was “Intelligent Unicyclists?” and that thread ended up being three pages long on the unicyclist.com porthole.
-David Kaplan

By the way, that post was not meant as a dig, subtle or otherwise at anyone in particular. It was just something that occured to me.

Thanx for the advice Jagur, i guess i need to investigate the pm page more thouroughly b4 using it

Unfortunately, the longest threads tend to be the “What is your favorite colour of pedal?” type. Technique threads take more effort to reply to, and by nature are more exclusive- and valuable.

My aproach to a well covered question is to do the search and post the link to the results, with some commentary on those I found most on topic. This 1) doesn’t project hostility, 2) let’s the neophyte see that the search engine can produce just what they want and 3) invites them into the community by acknowladging their presence and the worthwildeness of the question.

I should have applied this method when responding to the “all the damn newbies” post, but didn’t manage to restrain my reflexive hostility to exclusion. Im rather gratefull by the hospitality expressed by the vast majority of contributers to this forum, and that questions to Kris about rims, John about rules, and Greg about spelling did earn a “Hey, dude- go look it up.” reponce. Considering how long they’ve endured these same questions, can we do any less?


Re: ando

Heh! I was one of Jagur’s test subjects (victems?) when he was testing out the personal message thang. Still, 'tis nice to know he’s thinking about ya. Those Oregonians can be so distant. :stuck_out_tongue:



Humm… seems to be missing a NOT, and shoul read:

‘…about spelling did not earn a “Hey, dude- go look it up.” reponce.’