just a short video...

here is the new flat video what i mentioned;)
i really like the editing and i hope you also do! pls drop a comment! hope you enjoy:p

(+ HD)


Hmmm, I dunno. Was kinda cool in the sense that it was diffrent. But the shots where the camera starts upside down were a bit much. It was nice, but maybe think of editing like this in moderation.

As for the tricks! Hicktriple and Fulloutdouble on flat were very nice. You and Ludwig remind me of Eli and Pat.

Good job boys! You all have improved soooo much since July. Hicktriple was sick and so was the Full Out Double. The editing was also very nice, when you snapped the frame in the beginning it went real good with the music.

Maybe I will come back to Europe next summer! But it depends on colleges.

I actually sung this song on a wedding :P.

about the film, too much filming on NOTHING. It could look nice in small parts or if you had a theme, but it was not that entertaining to watch, ordinary tricks, but good tho.

Felix I’m loving the seat in front tripleflips :stuck_out_tongue: Hicktrip was really nice too, same with the fulloutdouble. Sweet video;)

flixi i love it:D
althought my flat in it sucks
liked the filming only hate the filming at fifht … tripple and hicktripple^^

and do not like the animal in the end
but i love the beginning

A great video and the description was fine-looking. :smiley:

fifth, triple und hicktriplle, hat genau da franzi gfilmt xD…da franzi kann halt gar nix außer sch*** sein :smiley:

genau des hob i a docht xD


Great vid as usual! Gratz on the hicktriple, smooth flat to, loved the x-roll!

Btw what editing program are u using?

Keep it up!

du ja nit frech wern, sinsch passiet was des liaba nit passiert sollt, du woasch es genau !

ja franzir wolln die jo net anliagn wia san ja nur ehrlich :stuck_out_tongue:

wow felix geile musi und oi geil gmocht^^

wow very nice :astonished: !!

Cool video. Well edited, though I do agree with the consensus that you should film more unicycling!:wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: that really sucks^^ always when i ride longer i sweat so much that my shorts get wet:D

Really good vid ! Sick ride ! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Name song please

pieces from sum41;)

thx for all the comments!!