Just A Quicky

this is just a quick video.
i made it really just for the sake of it, i suppose i was just bored.

i filmed it fast for two reasons i couldn’t be bothered to make it really good and go to good locations make good lines etc… and the battery life of my camera is not good at all.

hope you enjoy it:

i may have it on youtube soon but it dosn’t seem to want to co-oporate…

:slight_smile: this is my first attempt at a video so don’t be to harsh when you comment:)

Lots of tricks and terrific job!!.. Especially if this is your first vid.
Like the ending.
Keep it up and keep shooting.

Good riding! Stick seat in, it will pay off later I assure you. The ending was wicked awesome. Good variety of tricks through out.

yea, im not gona change to SIF because i don’t find it comfortable but how will staying SI pay off later?

Very solid , excellant variety, good job showing off all your aquired skills


Nice video. I’m gonna have to make one one of these days.

Is that when your seat is under you?

Nice video, I subscribed.
One editing tip though: when there’s a lot of crackling wind noise in the back round its best to turn the sound of that clip way down or mute it completely.

that was really really good. It was well put together. Keep it up


"Very solid , excellant variety, good job showing off all your aquired skills


not all :wink:

Wow, didn’t expect to hear Porcupine Tree in a unicycle video.

I liked it very much. Much variation, so it doesn’t get boring. Great inspiration for a newbie like me! And as some already has said, the ending was very nice.

Keep it up. :slight_smile:

yea i had never heard of them till i asked my brother for some songs. this song seemed to fit quite well.