just a funny story...

And the busker?

What bout the busker? is he among us? care to step forward? :wink:

I wonder how many people thought it was staged :wink:

At airshows there’s a routine called “The Flying Farmer”. Ostensibly a farmer has never been in a plane before and wins a raffle for a short flight in one of the performer’s airplanes. Right before takeof, the pilot gets out to check something on the tail, and the “farmer” “accidentally” hits something and takes off, flying all erratic, doing loops, rolls, etc while the pilot is screaming at him over the radio trying to get him back onto the ground :wink:

Which reminds me of the pilot who took flight lessons for a few months with a flight instructor, and then did a full aerobatic routine in front of her on his “first” solo flight. He had flown fighters during WWII :stuck_out_tongue:

Great story; sounds like the ultimate opportunity to blow away the performer, and have some fun with the audience too. Like someone said above, it would probably be hard to convince the audience afterward that you two had never met. :slight_smile:

I’ve involved myself in street shows here and there, but I can’t think of any situations where they didn’t already know I was a unicyclist. Below is a picture of me in a show with Rhys Thomas and partner, in Long Beach, WA.

They do a great version of that every year at the Reno Air Races (at least when I’ve been there). The scenario here is a wayward small plane pilot wandering onto the field and being told to either land or clear out. But the guy is way out of control in his antique little Piper Cub (or similar). He dips and weaves, stalling like crazy. One of the ailerons falls off the wing (for real), some other parts drop off the plane (including a roll of toilet paper tossed out the window) and he bounces and rolls on the ground on one wheel only before finally coming to a stop.


I had a similar thing happen at a car club gathering a few years ago, only it was the other way round (I thought everybody knew I could unicycle, but it turned out they didn’t).

We were sitting around in somebody’s garden and a unicycle was produced from the shed. Somebody was borrowing it from the owner who had never really learned properly. They decided it would be fun to see who could ride furthest down the garden. I stayed out of it, thinking that it would be unfair as I would obviously win. A couple of people eventually managed to get 10 or 15 feet, then they wanted me to have a go. I thought they wanted me to prove it was possible, so I got on and rode down the garden, off a couple of little steps and back to the top. “You picked that up quickly” they remarked “Must be all the cycling you do - gives you good balance”. Unfortunately I wasn’t naturally talented - just had two years of practice :confused:


Thats the best story i’ve read in awhile! :smiley:

Great story! I have always wanted to do something like that.

I really wish i had seen that! I hope someone comes forward with video of that.

I’ve always dreamed of doing something like that.:):slight_smile: good story

So JFoss, did you and Rhys pass flaming torches on your unis?
I don’t care which idiot Vegas celeb is currently laying claim to the title, Rhys Thomas is the real “Mr. Entertainment”.