just a funny story...

so the olympics are almost here in vancouver and the streets are PACKED with people and buskers. There was a guy putting on a show (downtown on granville st if youre familiar with vancouver) and he had a unicycle. He was letting people try it as a part of his show…now i should mention i was with kind of on a coffee date hahaha. So the guy picked me and i pretended like i had no idea how to even ride the thing. I started by trying it with the seat backwards, then i kept letting it kick back and falling forward, i pretty much hammed it up…

so i asked the guy " have any tips? i want to try it once more." he goes " oh just try and lean forward and put all of your weight on the seat", i went " ah, ok that makes sense".

so i get into mounting position, mount up really sketchy start to ride really wobbly around the crowd of people… then crank flip, 360, big spin, and a 1 foot coast back towards him and handed the uni back.

when i handed it back i said " ohhh…you’re right, leaning forward helped a lot"

i wish i could of had a picture of the guys face…priceless.

just thought i would share that story, and if anyones around in vancouver for the olympics the weather has been great here. Shoot me an email and we’ll ride some muni!


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Just a funny story

I wish I had been there to see that. That sounds priceless. Would have made this Mamma proud!!!


Haha awesome!!:smiley: I’ve always wanted to do that if the opportunity came up!

Man I wish I was going to the olympics.:frowning: Tickets are so expensive though :astonished:

Since I hadn’t seen any videos of, or read any posts lately about “busking”, I pretty much assumed it was “dead” too, haha! :wink:

That was cool, and I would have loved to have seen that! :smiley:

tourists take pictures and videos of buskers all the time…nice try though :wink:

ive actually thought about busking a few times. ive got this feeling like a good amount of coin could be made putting on a little trials show.

Yeah, Priceless. What a dream come true.

p.s. i scored the 2nd date hahaha, chicks dig unicyclists kids.

Hahaha, great story Justin. I need to get this opportunity one day.

ahahah, awesome story.

Good job for the 2nd date, haha.


Hahaha awesome!


What unicycle was it? Make/model/wheel size/ etc.

haha that story made me lol. oh and nice work ^^ :wink:

hahaha thanks for the love boys!

im taking every “awesome” i see and converting it to a high five.

well the uni was a 20", now as for the make i think its Norco. It looked like on of those ones you always see randomly in bike shops. I think it said “twenty” down the side in some sort of ghetto font.


Dude, this is great. It kinda reminds me of this one time when Pat asked a beginner for tips on 1 spins and then busted a 5 right in his face, but this is more awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha! I always wanted to do that, but all the buskers here are riding giraffe. There was a guy once who had like a 10ft giraffe! If I see a busker next summer I’ll do the same thing:)

Haha, what a great story! I hope I get the opportunity for that too. :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, what’s a busker?

I didn’t know either. The wiki helped.

in summary, a street performer.

Oh, thanks. :slight_smile: