Just A Few Questions.

Hey guys.
As you can probably see im brand new to this forum, So Hey. :slight_smile:

I just had a few questions to ask everyone.
Firstly, I am not a complete beginer ( I can actually cycle my uni )
But i was wondering what would be my next steps, I can already stay still but im not sure how to attempt steps and such.

Secondly, Does it matter how much your tyre is pumped up for learning to do basic tricks (mine is pretty much fully pumped up), I say this as a few video’s ive watched the tyres seem quite flat.

Also what would be a good intermediate unicycle that isnt too expensive.


Hey welcome.

It would help to know what uni you are riding now and what kind of riding your are interested in doing. You mention hopping but what else are you wanting to do?

I think for all uni riders the basics should include freemount, idling, and riding backwards.

These days, it could be argued that hopping is a basic skill no matter what the style.

After that it depends on what kind of riding you want to do.

For my money, Nimbus are the best value for the money. I have three of them and my next one will also be a Nimbus. KH (Kris Holm) are great if you have the money to buy one. You will not be disappointed in either brand.


There is no one answer for PSI. Depends on your tire, what kind of riding you are doing etc. For hopping you can lower you PSI to the point where your tire gives but not enough to bottom out the rim or fold the sidewall of the tire. Just start lowering your PSI until you find that sweet spot for you and your uni. What PSI that is, is going to depend on what tire you have, how wide a rim, how much you weigh, how high your are hopping/dropping, etc

A search on ‘PSI’ or “tire pressure” will bring up many threads about tire pressure that you can read to get more advice on what PSI to run.

This forum has been around so long that just about every topic has been discussed many times. A search is always a good place to start for just about any question you have.

next, learn:

riding with seat in front(once your sif riding is solid, like you can do turns and stuff, begin to learn static sif hops)

riding backwards
idling (riding backwards and idling both help each other so just begin whatever, i learned to ride backwards first, and that pretty much taught me how to idle)

180 unispin

rolling hops

180 hop twists

one footed riding followed by…

one foot wheelwalk


as far as tire psi goes, bouncy is generally good for trials and street (hops and drops), and high psi is good for freestyle, (wheelwalking, one footed riding, stuff like that…)

nimbus /w kh moments is a very high quality unicycle, and inexpensive, but a bit heavy. i don’t mind it tho…all i ride is nimbus

Hey guy.

Thanks for the replys.

Well i basically have a beginer uni i bought off of amazon, So it isnt quite a high standard.

I want to be starting to ride street/Freestyle, But i obviously need a new cycle to do that.


I am in a similar position as you, but a little ahead. This has been my progress:
ride forward
free mount
rolling mount
rolling hop
regular hopping
riding off <1 ft ledges
riding backwards
seat in front
stomach on seat
side mount

Also, most importantly, quit calling your unicycle a cycle. Its not a cycle. Its a uni/unicycle/bff/anything except cycle. idk if you even call it a bike