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> Do most of you uni’s ride with a cycling helmet?

Only when I commute to work.

> If some of you commute, how do you carry water bottles, spare tubes, lunch,
> pump, spare tube? Back Packs? Messenger bags?

Water bottle: I strapped it to my seat post. Spare tubes: I carry a patch kit in
my backpack. Carrying a tube is easy, but I don’t want to carry the wrenches
necessary to remove my forks. Lunch, clothing, etc: I use a small backpack.
Pump: I have a small pump. I carry it in my backpack when commuting, and I lash
it to my spokes with a bungee cord otherwise.

Other accessories:

Rear-view mirror: I got the kind that attaches to my glasses, and it makes
commuting much easier. Other models attach to the helmet.

Cycling computer: A frill, but I like to know how fast I go. Get one that shows
the current speed in big numbers.


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