Hello again. I am making more progress on the unicycling list and archives. The
list seems to be working fine, and messages have already passed through my
system. I will give one warning, though. If you send mail to the list and it
can not be delivered to a given member of the list, you will receive the
rejection. This happens because of the way I set up the list routing and will
hopefully be fixed later when I make a second pass at fixing up the list. In
the meantime if I get a bounced message I remove the user from the list to
minimize bounces to you all.

The FTP directory is up and running. You can reach it at ftp.mcs.kent.edu in the
directory pub/Unicycling. If you like mosaic you can reach it with URL
ftp://ftp.mcs.kent.edu/pub/Unicycling. All files except the master message list
are compressed with compress, to keep me within my disk quota.

And finally, a hats off to terry@santafe.edu for starting the list when the
newsgroup vote lost and for running it the past year. It has greatly expanded my
unicycle horizons and I would still be doing the same three tricks without
it. Thanks!