Junior sposorship request for unicikli.hu

Hey guys,

This is my new vidT (kinda) it has some of the same clips as the video that Max Gaitan and I created a little while ago. I’m made this one because I wish to become on the junior sponsor team in Hungary. My good friend Kristof Horvath is on it. The team is “unicikli.hu” team. Remember it’s only the junior team not the actual one.
Please let me know what you think of it.
Also my dad just purchased a new software for me so it not the same type of editing as Max and I’s last video. It’s called Cyberlink power director and I like it.

Good luck, you’re awesome and are deserving of some kind of sponsorship for sure :slight_smile:
Im just wondering what is it about the hungarian team, and to be on that do you have to be hungarian?
I wish you the best of luck either way, enjoyed that video aswell.
If you want i can hook you up with a copy of sony vegas? :slight_smile:

I tried to get a sony vegas software but I have a 64bit and it only runs on a 32bit but, thanks. I like this one anyways. Right now I’m in the USA but I will be going off to Hungary soon and for the school year next year. My parents will visit for a while and if they like the economy will will possibly move there. So I don’t think living there is a problem although you do have to. But I’ll be there long enough… I hope.

Ahh! That makes sense, have fun in hungary then i guess? :smiley:

oh I will last summer I got to ride with Joe Hodges and the awesome riders on the team. This summer I will also travel to the Czech Republic for EUC! It will be lots of fun.