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Okay, I finally got around to shortening the saddle tube on KMM’s Yuni frame. He’s now the proud owner of the KMM-2 which he refers to as his “new trusty steed”. The difference in size from his 16" MUni to the 20" with the Monty tire is striking. It looks HUGE for him!

It was really strange when he first climbed up on the saddle, he held my hand and I had to walk him up and down the street a couple of times telling him to lean forward. It felt like I was teaching him to ride for the first time, but after a couple of passes in front of the house he let go and had no problem riding. I couldn’t get him to try turning for me though, but it was really icy so that probably wasn’t a bad thing.

When he tried to freemount, he just wasn’t hitting it hard enough and fast enough to prevent the wheel from rolling backwards and couldn’t do it (he’s a static freemounter). I regard this as a result of being intimidated by the bigger wheel and I suspect it will work itself out after a few practice rides.

The end result is that the new KMM-2 MUni is a little too big for the squirt. He was able to ride but not able to freemount. Also, he’s intimidated by it’s size. The picture barely does justice to the size- it looks much larger than in the photo. By the time I’m able to ride again this spring, King MUni-Man should be able to handle his new MUni farily well, so we’ll keep working in it and I’ll take him to the trail as often as he likes until spring.


THATS FANTASTIC that he tried.
I cant wait to have a daughter or son to ride with. That must be extremely rewarding seeing him progress with it.

Yes, it’s really is great. Kids are a lot of fun to do things with, especially something that both the parents and kids enjoys. Both my children ride unicycles but my son is compassionate about MUni and he’s really excited about his new one. He’s riding it back and forth across our family room as I write this. :roll_eyes:

He was just showing me that he can hop. Now if I can get him to freemount this big boy uni he’ll be ready to hit the trails.


haha that is so awesome. You have to get a picture of that, cause my mom doesn’t allow that in our house.

Okay. Here he is just after launching himself across the room. Be sure and show this one to your mother. I’m sure she’ll see things your way… :stuck_out_tongue:



It’s good to hear about the King’s progress. I haven’t heard from him in a while. Glad he’s still going full speed ahead, even in the middle of a Alaskan winter!

Jason, KingMM looks awesome on his new Monster 20" Muni! I thought all kids rode their unicycles in the family room. My 8 year old rides hers in the house all the time.

I see he rides in his socks too. I don’t know how they do that! I must wear shoes. Earlier this evening, my 11 year old asked me, “Dad, when are we going to visit Unicycle.com again?” It truly is great to have kids that enjoy some of the same pleasures as we.

Tell Muni-Man we are proud of him. --chirokid–

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>The end result is that the new KMM-2 MUni is a little too big for the

Jason, I think KMM looks very good on his new MUni! To me it doesn’t
seem too big. But it may need some getting used to.

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I have a feeling you might need two points of contact with the ground for such a thing to work? Or at least training wheels on the front and rear. - John Foss commenting on a picture of a one-wheeled vehicle he saw on RSU.

re: KMM’s Muni Coker

You’re little dude’s doing great. Don’t worry, he’ll soon adjust to the new dimensions. My nine yr. old went from the 16"er to the 20"er this Christmas, too. (He weighs barely 60lbs.) With the increased air volume of the tire, he’s really hopping now, clearing 9" with no problem. As he grows, it’ll just keep getting more fun! My wife was OK with us riding in the house at first, too. Once we started tracking mud in and dinging up the furniture though, she put her foot down! :angry: Tell KMM that the folks in the lower 48 think he’s awesome, so keep it up!:smiley:

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Nine inch hops are great for kid of 9! My little guy is only 7 years old and I don’t know how much he weighs but I’m sure it’s well under 60lbs.

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… and the lowest one! Can’t wait to meet him again.