Jungle Coaster

Jungle Coaster, the movie about the 2008 Evolution of Balance Award winners is now online. The movie is 29 minutes long, so you’ll want to set aside some time and make some popcorn before watching.

Here’s the link Jungle Coaster

You can either watch it online, or click the download link to grab the movie file.


Wow! I downloaded the video and was watching it and enjoying the fantastic adventure of it all! Then, at the 18 minute mark, the video simply stopped playing!:frowning: I wondered if it might be a problem with my QT player, so I tried Divix and VLC, but the same thing happened!

So I rebooted my laptop but still would stop dead at the 18 minute mark. I don’t know whether some glitch occurred during DL or if the problem is with the actual file that was uploaded. I’m going to try downloading it again, and maybe that will resolve the problem.

But the first 18 minutes were awesome, so I can’t wait to see the rest of it! What an adventure! And the narration reminded me a lot of the “Endless Summer”. So well done! :smiley:

I downloaded the whole 800mb+ file again and this time it played fine all the way through! Great video!

Thanks for the gratuitous Totally Doable reference. What an adventure!

Great job editing and narrating Perry.

Look out Hollywood!

Very well done.
It seems as though a large portion of the journey was completely unridable - is that just an impression given by the way the segments are selected and edited, or was that really the case?

Of the four days:

Day 1: All rideable (road)
Day 2: Half this day was gnarly jungle trails and trail-less bushwacking, maybe 60-70% rideable, then half dirt road, (100% rideable).
Day 3: Actual Camino de Cruces trail: deep gorges worn into the jungle by the ancient mule trains, floors of mostly rock gardens. (Maybe 20% rideable)
Edit: uni made this easier than if we’d had bikes. Thrashing thru this part carrying a bike would have been unthinkably hard.
Day 4: More well cleared portion of the Camino de Cruces, 95% rideable, then a long way on roads thru Panama City to the Pacific.

Roland told me that one of the riders had to quit before finishing, like on the 2nd or 3rd day, but there was no mention of this in the video, which shows all 5 riders completing the course. :thinking:

Enjoyed the video. I can’t believe it actually kept my attention for that long!

We had to eat one of the team members.

Was his last name Atkins? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great video,great adventure.There must have been great dedication to cover the logistics of the filming duties in the jungle sections.Great effort all round.

Wow! Great video, really captured the difficulty of this epic. This is the kind of riding/treking adventure I want to do some day! I’m two Hardrock 100 finishes away from taking a break from my running to do some really crazy MUni Epic! (Perhaps I’ll be able to convince some others to join me)

I hope to ride with you guys one day!:smiley:

Nice vid. I would have loved to do a trip like that.

You guys seem to fall a lot. Was it hard or something?:smiley:

We had a great helmet cam that was used for most of the footage. We also carried along an HD video camera that gave us some nice static shots.

Super cool, perry (and the rest of the gang!).