June 18 MUni Friendly Race- Brookville, PA


Unicycling in this area’s been on the upswing. Most of the local races have accepted entry fees and waivers from unicyclists, but this race is willing to have a uni-specific course- and an official class!

It’s a tough, but doable course. I’ve done the 14 mile (sport) loop on a 29er uni the past 2 years, and it’s a bit much unless you’re at the top of your game. Having a 6ish mile uni specific course will accomodate A LOT more riders- in fact, we have 5 committed so far!

If you want to give it a go, pre-registering is best. I’m not an organizer of this event, but I can vouch for what a great event Michael hosts. It’s always been top-notch.

I’m thinking about this. I might make it a family trip and camp nearby.

Dave, do you know if the uni specific course is truly separate from the bike course, or a smaller section of it?

You did the 14 mile loop in the past… won’t the 6 mile loop seem too small to you? Will there be multiple laps?


There’s a guy on a uni @ 2:15

2010 Race

He appears in a few other places in the video too.
That must be unigoat (dave).

I really hope I will be able to. I’m up by Lake Erie, so it’s about two hours. You, sir, just made my day.


The uni course will be part of the bike course. The plan is to send out the unis at the back of the Sport Class Bikers and have us do the first 6 miles of the course. We should finish in about the same amount of time as some of the bikes with little to no traffic overlap. It’s a good logistical plan.

As far as the distance for me goes, it will be a bit short, but the reality of the situation is that I really like to take a beating. A lot of other people don’t enjoy it as much. 6 miles is a good distance over this terrain. It will be challenging enough for most. I’d rather see a good turnout on a shorter course than try to be a hero. 1 lap is what it stands at for now (and probably will remain).

To the other posts:

It is me in the video. I’ve been doing MTB races around here on unis ever since I got back from Ride the Lobster. As far as uni racing goes- it’s starting to catch on. We’ve had fields of up to 5 at local MTB races!

I’ll catch the other thread too, but we’re having a slight change of plans regarding the (M)Uni weekend on the 3-5th. We’ll still be riding that weekend, but 36ers will be in order. We’ll propose the next weekend (11th-12th) if we want a full muni weekend. With the 18th, it will make 3 weekends of uni in a row!