wht are you pplz favorite ways to jump, like techniques?
I like seat in personally with a 35 psi pressure.
Wht do you think you could get the highest jump out of?
Ive heard seat out is really good for that, but i used to only do seat out jumps, and i can never get over 22 inches high doing those, where i can hit a lot higher seat in.

Geez, 35 psi? I usually keep mine at about 15.

how much do you weigh?
I weigh 130

110 psi Ftw.

seat in, learning SIF hops. I don’t have a clue what my pressure is.

My tire pressure is approximately squishy. Sif works the best. My hops have gotten slightly better recently, I can get around 30" now or maybe a little lower, I haven’t measured.

seat in…
pressure…in the 30s at least…and i only weigh about 120lbs…
hop…almost 24"…

I do SIF alot and I keep my tire fairley firm so when I compress it does not bottom out ,and gives plentty of spring I can land picnic table tops so about 30"

-Hunter S Thompson, “Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas.”

[i]"You’re damn right,” he said. “Those tires want twenty eight in the front and thirty two in the rear. Hell, fifty’s dangerous, but seventy five is crazy. They’ll explode!”

I shook my head and kept filling the left front. “I told you,” I said, “Sandoz laboratories designed these tires. They’re special. I could load them up to a hundred.

“God almighty!” he groaned. “Don’t do that here.”

“Not today,” I replied. “I want to see how they corner with seventy-five.”

He chuckled. “You won’t even get to the corner, Mister.”[/i]

Well my tire pressure is usually around 15 to 10. I do seat out. I weigh about 120. I sometimes pump up my tire more when I notice that im bottoming out alot. But I can usually when Im warmed up get a bit over 26"

I (try to) ride at 23 psi. hard enough to take drops and not slam the rim on rails and the like. SIF i get 36.5 in.
you can definately get higher SIF

I keep mine just above flat.

That is crazy! so low, ive never taken it down really to much past 25, and it was for like 5 minutes, I want to keep mine a little higher, so it feels like it is hard to jump, so my jumps get higher, on seat in front, do you guys like idk i just cannot lift it over 24 inches idk why.