Jumps, street and trials on a 24 - what can you do?

I’m just wondering what other people can do with a 24" in terms of street/trials (jumps and hops etc…)

This isn’t a brag thread, I’m just curious as to what can be achieved on a 24", and I’m sure that others who are thinking of going for that size (or above) for street/trials will be curious too.

So if you ride (or rode) 24":

  • Post what you can do, even if it’s little.
  • Mention the setup you’re using.
  • Tell us anything more (e.g. how much more or less you do on a 20")

Suppose it would be rude not to start it off…

I can do:

  • Side hop (with pre hop) up a 3-set, or vertically up around 15".
  • Rolling hop into a side-ways jump up a 3-set - can’t do it straight-on yet.
  • Ride down stairs (7 or 8 at most)
  • Side hop down 5 set.

KH24 frame, Nimbus wheel set, Duro Wildlife tyre, Impact Eiffel Tower cranks (140mm), Pitfighter 2 seatpost, so all in a reasonably light 24…

I used to ride hookworm tyre, but switched to the Duro because its so much more fun, my personal opinion. I’m also sure I’ll be able to get massive side-hops out of the Duro one day!

hm this seems like a thread for jacob spera and justin kohse :wink: justin’s been ridin 24" for street for…well forever and jacob has like the longest an highest jumps on a 24" :stuck_out_tongue: his high jump was like 98cm or something (someone correct me if im wrong)
i also know kris holm had a really good sif high jump on a 24" and same with jacob (don’t know his last name) from quebec…:stuck_out_tongue:

i know hugo and jonas both jumped 330cm far on a 24"

Anton has jumped 290cm far on his 24"

i have done 225cm far on mine
and jumped (rolling) 70cm high on my 24"

i ride a
miyata cf saddle, steel post, steel clamp (both no name), kh frame, holly roller tire, alexdx32rim, sapim spokes, white nimbus hub, koxx one light cranks and echo tr pedals with pins removed on the bottom of each pedals…:D:D

I was getting pretty good on my 24" since it’s the only thing I rode in the winter. I dont know how high I could sidehop with it. I was awesome for rolling hops though, I was around 80cm with it I think, my sidehops were probably around the same thing.

I was planning on maybe building another 24" wheel for street an trials riding! :slight_smile:

ive seen max do a side hop of 125cm on a 24, ive maxed out at 110cm at naucc. The farthest ive ever jumped on a 24 was a 11ft, i can do 10ft consistent. Biggest set ive hopped up is a 6.

setup: KH frame, double wide rim, hookworm, mad4one hub, 137 moments, axel base

I thought you were using mad4one cranks on your 24? Did you not like the low-q?

i stripped the threads on them. I loved them while they lasted!

Thanks for posting guys, seems like rolling hops are the way forward (…)
I’ve seen what some of you do in your videos, and it is impressive! I’m still running into problems with aligning my pedals for rolling hops, but trying a few different things to remedy that.

I still want to know how high you guys can side-hop, Jaco_Flans, was that 80cm in distance or height?

With 24" unis being much lighter than what they used to be, we should be able to set some new records…:smiley:

I’m really looking forward to trying some big street on my 24" once I get it all rebuilt. Right now I do big street stuff on my 20" but I feel like the 24" is going to open up some new, larger doors. Especially once I get comfortable hopping on it.

How difficult is it to relearn crankflips on the 24’s? I can crankflip about a 2 1/2- 3 ft gap on my 20 and I’m hoping with a little extra speed from the 24 that I can bump that up some.

That was in height, I never mesured a static gap on my 24", I guess I can probably do like 6’ with it :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S.: You really make me want to go ride my 24" now!! :smiley:

EDIT: Here’s a video I made this winter with my 24". Some trials, street and Wuni in it!

Crankflips are not too much harder on a 24". If you can do them well on a 20" then you should have no trouble with doing them on 24". I do find crankflips less comfortable on the 24" though.

I like the feel of rolling hops on a 24" more than on a 20". You can get a lot more speed which makes hopping distances much easier.

Only thing that is different for flips on a 24 is catching them. If you are using smaller cranks like 135’s then its pretty tough to catch a fast flip. Besides that its pretty much the same. You have to kick a little harder but nothing that is to tough

i’m a noob but so far i can do static side hops around 60cm distance, static front hops around 40cm distance, sidehops 30-35cm up, upstairs/downstairs 2 set, 180* hop(flat and down a curb), kick up and piruet mounts… learning more.

Setup: Qu-Ax Muni 24’’ (stock) with qu-ax alu 145mm cranks and QX PVC pedals (still weighs over 8kg)

I can do:
crankflips (and lateflips)
180 flip (also 180 late)
landed a few doubleflips
270cm long jump (in comp)
284cm long jump (outside comp)
5 pallets sidehop
Highest jump I’ve measured was 78, but I could also 180 up it, so I should be possible to get something higher
360 hoptwist (and 180 :wink: )
360 unispin
Think I got a 5 set rolling once, but not sure, but4 set are pretty easy to get :slight_smile:
Crankflip off a car :smiley:

Kris Holm 24" 2008 with 137mm Moments (sometimes 125mm) and I’m getting a carbon base for it sometime in a near future :slight_smile:
Im riding a Maxxis Hookworm for street and Duro Wildlife Leopard for MUni

There is no more.

I moved to a 24’ soon after i started riding. after my muni phase i started getting into street and learnt to ride down stair rolling hop + hoptwist down 3-4 steps, legwrap, and started on a unispin failed so i got a 20’ KH and dont ride much else now. i also learnt one-footed riding and found it much easier compared to what it is on the 20’ i guess theres more force to get the pedal over