jumproping unicyclist

Did anyone happen to see the jumproping unicyclist on fox? He was on some 30 seconds to fame show. He started out by jumproping while on a unicycle, then he jumped off and started juggling some flaming bean bags. He didn’t juggle very well, and ended up getting booted off. Should have stuck to the uni.

of course

The people were probably in shock because he got off his unicycle, so it took them a while to start booing. I agree, gotta stay on the uni the whole time.

My sister was telling me about this. How did he manage to jumprope without holding onto his seat?

jumping without seat

It is easier with some seats than others, but you can sort of squeeze the seat with your thighs/legs and jump. You can’t jump very high, but it is possible.

Re: jumping without seat

This is a great balance tool everybody should become profecient at. It helps you keep from falling if you get to where momentum can’t help you, and you aren’t holding onto your seat

Pointing out the record of uni jumproping in a minute is 209.

I think anybody can learn to do this skill; it isnt too difficult…and looks awesome. Andrew_carter has a video of himself doing it I think…

I saw that one where he did the Jump rope. Apparently there was another one on recently that had a different Unicyclist, who performed everything possible in 30 seconds, and he won the show. I didn’t see that one but I was told about how good he was. 30 seconds to fame is on at the same time as the new Simpsons on Saturday, so I normally watch Simpsons. I saw the Jump rope unicyclist during the ads.

yo all! :smiley:

Yer, skipping (or ‘the jumprope’ for our american friends :p) is one of them ‘tricks’ which look really impressive, but which is really easy to do…

I can do it for ages… I’ll stick it in my next video!

Here is a pic of me skipping… you can just see the rope!