I have been watching some vidios and seen how high they can hope. How do they do this is there any special way to get alot of hight and is a tecneique? Cause i can onlt hop anout 1 foot which is feble. I want to hop higher but how?



Hope this helps.

Cheers thats really good. So just pump the wheel before the hop. Are the trials unis really light cause mine is really heave woudl that make it harder?


hold the seat out in front and when you are in the air pull up real hard on the seat…

Mine is exactly 14.4 pounds. (I weighed it at the vet)
It probably does but only to a certain point let’s say if your hopping onto a picnic table it would make a difference but anything under 2feet I don’t think it matters and just makes you a stronger rider.

What trials uni do you have?

I can only hop max 35cm but from what I hear you should just ride and your strengh and tecneke will improve;)
-Sorry for the awfull spelling

I have a base bikes uni. I baught it ages ago cause it looked cool. It is about 6.3kg an absolute monster. Anyone else got any tips. Where is it best to start?


Well how high can you hop now? Increase it my an inch or two untill you can get i no problem…Then increase again and repeat

I can hop about 30cm not the best really. Is 6.3kg really heavy?


Weight doesnt matter…Its all about skill.

Fair enough. What are the best obsticals to practise on? Walls, benches, Wood blacks?


Not sure what wood blacks are…But if you can get some pallets those are great. If not then curbs, benches,…Wellpretty much anything you thik you can make…The world is your playground.

Great i will get out and play cheers for the advice and it ment to say wood blocks.


big slanted rocks, just to make it hard on yourself so that you will own at natural trials

I thought so…Have fun.

I will see if i can find some huge rock but don’t think there is that may around where i live. Lots of benches though. Any tips on getting your peddle on hight jumps so you can get up them?



Seriously go to www.unicycletips.com just about everything you need.

Cheer that it really cool thank


6.3 kg isnt really that heavy its just under 14lbs and the Kh is 12

Fair enough i think i will have to prictice more to get alot better.