Lately i’ve been riding down stairs a lot, and the interest to jump them has come up. Unfortunately i can’t seem to jump at all. Anyone have any suggestions on how i can learn to jump just on flat ground while moving. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Most people here will tell you to use the forum search feature (because there’s been topics on this before) or go to http://www.unicycle.2ya.com and they should have some videos there.

As for me, I’m new to this and I can hop up and over small things with static hops but I can’t do rolling hops (yet!), so I can’t give you any advice besides “just practice, you’ll get it.”

learn to jump while stopped. then jump forward without rolling. then as you get better at jumping in general, jump while pedalling in what is known as a rolling hop.the second your feet get to the position you like to hop in, stop pedaling and forward hop. the second the tire hits the ground, pedal some more. takes a little bit to learn, not too bad though.

If your REAL new to jumping(hopping,try holding on to a wall and hop in little bounces.It isnt that hard after you try.