jumping with to hands


when i am jumping sif i have a what seams unique form of holding the sadle.

i hold it with both hands and with my right feet forward and then i jump to the right

i almost never let the sadle go with any of my hands, and this make my tend to not jump from far away when trying to get up on things i stay right in front of them if possiple

i think im kinda "controling"with my left hand and "pulling with my right hand, just like most guys,but i kep my left hand on the saddle i tried to do it the normal way but i cant jump anyhing near as high as i can when having both hands of the saddle

i can jump 90cm and do some flips and spins with both hands on the saddle

what do you think anyone of you jump this way too? and do you think that i despearetly need to change it?

sry for the gramma that may not be perfect:) (im danish)

I find it very very hard to believe your hitting 90cm holding the saddle with two hands. If you are hitting 90cm and not 9cm I say stick with it, thats pretty respectable.

i used to hop like you but i changed to just
holding with my right hand and jumping to the left
at first it felt harder but when i got used to it i could hop better.

Welcome Stampe!

I jump the same exact way, i am trying to stop but i keep using both hands… if you are hitting 90cm this way good job!

How should i be jumping?
-i am right handed, but my right foot is foward
-i jump exactly like stampe does (use both hands and then i jump to the right)

video tape it
I must see

i agree

Me three:D

ok i will make a short vid when i have a momment, and yes its 90cm not 9cm:)

well id sure be amazed if this is true

When you say 90cm, is it up or sideways?

I could probably jump 90cm sideways with no hands at all. If it’s up, then you’re just crazy!

its 90cm straight up ofc:) im working on the vid but im not that skilled with youtube

can’t wait!

So your trying to put it on youtube now? awesome.

how long till it will be ready?

i messed it up on youtube so i had to do it again:(

first try i broke my saddel (quess it couldnt take the 2 handed pressure)hehe

currently looking for a new one but hopefully it will be wachtable today :slight_smile:

I find it funny with how people are reacting. :slight_smile:

hey man, what ever gets the job done. I have heard from a few people that they think flips are easier with 2 hands

Its funny how he keeps making excuses and is putting it off, Im still not convinced. I can just about hit 90 and its not easy, I cant imagine ever making it with two hands on the saddle. Thats why I am looking forward to seeing a vid, untill then I dont believe it atall.

not guna let this thread die haha i gotta see this