Jumping trouble

I’ve been unicycling for about 2 weeks. I have a Torker (hence my name) 20" CX that I got from a “Buy it now” off ebay. I probably won’t be on too much, but I’ll post when I need help. By the way i’m 12 (if your going to ban me for that, at least let people post here so I get somehelp.

I can ride for an infinate amount of time, and can also hop until my fingers and numb, today I went to the park and was hopping on the tops of picnic tables (I free mounted on the top, not jumped up), but I really need help on hopping high. I watched some of Kris Holms tutorials on www.unicycletips.com, but didn’t get too much out of it. I can hop about 1 or so feet, but when I try going higher I smash my shins of my pedals and fall off…

Hopefully over time it will be easier…

PS- Why dosen’t the gallery work?


wow your doing realy good just remember to compress your tire and you might want to lern to jump seat in front and by the way im 13 oh and get a trials uni

It just comes with practice…you don’t need to compress your tire if you are doing small hops like that. SIF probably won’t help much yet since you have to get the hang of normal hopping first. Just keep working on it and slow increasing the height of the thing you are hppping up.

practice with stairs, and 2X4s.

Hop up one stair, add a 2x4 to it, hop onto that. Keep putting the wood onto it untill you up to the 2nd step, jump up two steps now, then put a 2X4 on the 2nd step, and jump to that.

Keep doing that so your gradually increasing you hop height by 2 inches at a time, and you will also get better at hopping over to the side.

Another thing you can do, is set up stones or little peice of wood, or build a miniture limbo set-up. Keep jumping over the stones\wood, or the bar, and keep raising the bar when you ned to.

One last way, just try ledges, if you see a bench, jump onto it, always hop up stairs, dont use a driveway, hop onto a sidewalk, just keep jumping up any urban objects and build up that way, soon youll be hopping up benches, then larger ledges, crank grabbing tabble tobs, jumping straight to a table top. =p

Oh, the gallery has just been disabled for a little, it will be back in a few days.

Thanks, i’ll try some of those things. I’ve been practicing from the morning to 10:30(PM)hopping up the curb, but riding from a hop into the grass is kinda hard.

I’ll practice with our stairs, and I have been. I guess you could say i’m OK, I’ve got up the first one.

I few days ago I learned hop to do a small rolling hop, and I can jump over a 2X4 and keep going (sometimes the uni flys away when I land though).

I’ll keep you updated with my progress.



oh yeah and for mor help you could see if there is a local uni club around because they usualy have experienced riders and they keep you motavatid there is a list of uni clubs here->http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/local_links.php?action=links&catid=7

MN has 1, but it’s 1.5 hours away, it’s ok. I like learning on my own, it feels better to know I don’t have to have people telling me how to do stuff, and how bad I am. I just like riding for fun.

Get a trails uni

Practice is VERY impotant also, you should try getting a trails uni.

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