Jumping seat out.

I have looked through the forums and could not find what I was looking for. So I thought I would make this one.

Can any of yall help me with tips on how to jump with seat out. I can’t get very high. My best is like 7". When I jump seat in I like to take a pre hop. Should I take one with seat out? Plus I tried to take a big drop with seat out and when I hit the seat flies out of my hand. Please help. Any tips would be welcome. Especially movies or pics of it.

Put in a request to the tips site… he’s really nice about it. Again, anybody got a link? I don’t know it.

I have a video of me jumping up a three set in one hop on my gallery, if that’ll help (follow the url in my sig, and go to Bernal Hill trials). Also, there’s a video Ryan Atkins made for hopping advice somewhere in the galleries. It’s more geared towards more advanced jumpers, though (from what I can tell). If you’re only doing 7" don’t bother prehopping. A good rule of thumb is if you can do it easily without prehopping without a unicycle (sidehop on your feet), then you shouldn’t need one with a unicycle (For example, I can jump about 28-29" without a prehop on my feet, and I can do about 29" without a prehop on my unicycle). I guess this only applies to if technique is no longer an issue, though. But seriously, you shouldn’t need to prehop on anything less than the height of your pedals. I mean, you’re plenty strong enough to jump seven inches without needing the bounce of the tire…

As for seat out drops, unless your doing three foot drops onto objects like the top of a fire hydrant, you don’t need to drop seat out. I only recently got into seat out drops, and I still only do them if I’m doing a big drop without any space for landing. Learn to jump seat out before you learn to drop seat out. But if you must, here’s the low-down: there are two types of seat out drops. One is pointless. The pointless one is where you do a big drop seat out and rollout as you crunch to the seat. This is hard and pointless, because seat in you can do a better landing anyway. The only time you (you meaning me) use this one is if you don’t have time to go seat in or your bored.

The second type is when you do a static seat out drop where unlike a seat in drop you land with your weight and body back and let your whole body crunch down into a crouch without letting the wheel move. This is extremely useful for doing big, precise drops, such as onto a fire hydrant, although it’s still not nearly as easy or smooth as a seat in drop to a large landing.

hi, as a person who has recently become quickly proficient at seat out, from your level to a 52cm :smiley:

i can only do it with a pre hop, i use the same technique as a seat in pre hop, but i tuck up very high, it takes a while to get used to the extra tuck up, but believe me, it helps.

when dropping off stuff (ive only dropped about 3ft seat out) try absorbing shock with ur legs like you would anyway, but dont roll out, transfer into another hop, i find it easier that way

the tips site is http://www.unicycle.2ya.com

sorry i dont have any pics or movs…

As far as i’m concerned there is not much point to seat out drops and gaps. The only reason people hop seat out front is so they can hop higher, which doesnt really help you for drops and gaps, unless perhaps you need to do a gap from something on a lower level to something on a higher level.

Definetly use a pre hop and use the ability to tuck the seat up really high.

After riding the rocky and steep terain up at Santa Barbara, I’m begining to wonder if it isn’t worth trying to negotiate some of the tougher sections seat out. Said tougher sections almost always involve multi-tiered forward drops onto slanting rocks and can involve many drops, one after another, to get through a section. The biggest problem is flubbing a drop in the middle of the sequence and bashing yourself on the rocks. I’m thinking with the seat out it might be possible to bail with a bit more control, and also to be able to use more agility and body flex on the oblique angles involved–almost as though you were jumping rock to rock with both feet sans MUni. If these sections wern’t so steep, and if you could pause after each drop–which you can’t-- the idea would be doubtful.

I don’t know, and have no experience with such a technique, but it might be an interesting thing to try.


Try hopping onto stuff i can’t hop half as high just in the street

Nick: People don’t just do seat out for big hops. I do seat out on all big gaps and lots of ups I can do easily seat in. I also do it on drops that I can’t roll out of. It’s super useful for big gaps because you can tuck up during the gap to allow your body to fall for a farther disatnce while keeping your wheel at the same height. I can gap a good 6" farther seat out.

As for seat out on slanty surfaces like the ones in Santa Barbara, anyone who’s ever done rock trials seat out will tell you that if the moves are smallyer, seat in is easier. If you can do the section seat in, do it seat in. Seat out brings a whole nother control issue you don’t want to deal with. Basically, 99% of the time, you want the seat in in muni.

Being a freestyle rider i guess my lack of trials knowledge is beginning to show…

My opinion was that seat out front hopping only helped with hopping up things but i guess i’m wrong.