Jumping on gapping bars.

Can I have some tips on how to jump across from like handrail to handrail(like across gapping bars). I know Muniracer has those gapping bars he jumps on and across. Everytime I get on something small the wheel slips out from under me. I watched the Kris Holm workshop bout it and I usally try them at a 45 degree angle. Any other tips. Also I know there are many threads bout stillstanding but I am just going to add this in. Any tips on stillstanding? Thanks. Kelly.

I prefer to go about doing this at a 90 degree angle rather than 45. Also, try playing around with yor tire pressure.


I’ve been practicing moves like this with my 2x4 balance beams lately. I’ll update my gallery sometime tonight, and put up what few videos I have. Are you talking about ride a rail and then gap to another, and then ride it, or just jump onto a rail, gap to another, and then to the ground? The latter is far easier than the former. For just straight gaps without riding, you should atart from the grond with you wheel at about a 45 degree angle towards the bars. Then, jump/gap up onto the first rail. It helps to gap, as it gives you more momentum for the next gap. During the gap, turn your wheel another 25-45 degrees, however you like. Try to land with the rail a little behind the sweet spot on your tire. Not for any power reasons, but ti’s just easier ast first. Eventually you get used to it and can be a little more precise with where your tire goes. Once you’ve landed, try to just kinda let your momentum carry you forward at first, and then jump forward to the next bar, repeating the process. Before you jump, don’t do little stabilization hops. Just keep your tire in contact with the rail. That’s about it.

As for riding, jumping, riding, it’s just a question of trial and error. Part of why Kris Holm is the manis cuz he can do all this stuff on practically the first try. Check out the video from TOque to see what I mean. I’ll load it onto my gallery if you want. The only thing I can say to help is practice your precision in hops and gaps, and work on stillstands. Stillstands make anything having to do with skinnies easier.

I’ll have the gallery updated within the next day with some video examples. The gaps I have use balance beams like muniracer’s (except older, longer, and made of 2x4s). They’re also slightly larger gaps and fewer of them.

Check out the trials section of www.unicycle.2ya.com . I like to take off with the wheel at about 20 degrees to the bar and land with it at about 50-60 degrees to it if it’s a bigger gap.

Before gapping it might be worth trying to hop on top of one bar with the wheel somewhere between 20 and 90 degrees to it…trying to stay hopping on the spot on the bar. It’s very difficult, but good practise.


Thank you for the reply’s. Any more tips?