Jumping-Jack 3 part 1

I filmed a bit of my riding.
I want to film a few days but it rains all time so i decided to produce one part of two ore maybe more…

sry for my bad english i´m german.

Nice gap !! 2.25m is pretty huge.Are you trying to look like Joe Hodges ?

hey nico,

nice video. liked it. i am very impressed of the pedal grap. thumbsup

good choice of music!

wanna go for a ride in the fall-holidays?.. :wink:

Awesome, enjoyed it very much, thanks for sharing.

nice video all the way i liked it! :smiley: nice gap too

what do u mean by that?

Yes sure I wanna ride like joe hodges but I´ve got the thing ( i don´t know this word xD) on my head for 2 years now but I dont ride it in summer because its very hot! :smiley:

i can pre hop much better with joe hodges style. :smiley:

lol sry for my english

@ burger: yes of course in the fall holidays!

Liked the one jump up the stage like thing (Don’t know what it’s called). Good vid!

i have that kinda hat too it’s awesome! :smiley:

Everyone loves the pompom tassle hats.

Some funky tricks in there.

Lol@JH double prehop.

oh ok lol.Yeah i find it really strange doing a double prehop but i guess thats cause i havent practiced it