Jumping higher

Hey people of the internets.

I am having abit of trouble regarding trials unicyling I have been at it since christmas on and off but I am struggling with hopping. I have able to jump 35cm on my unicycle for 2 weeks and I have no idea how I’m go ing to get any higher then that if anyboy has any tips I would be very grateful.

Danke - Moth

start stackin crap higher. if your 35cm is consistent, bring that up to 38cm and give it a a shot. then just keep increasing like that as each height gets consistent

are you doing it SI or SIF?


I can to 60 something SI I got to tuck. try to hop and practice tucking and like DSchmit said stack some suff up

I’ve been riding for about 4 months now and still can’t seem to jump up anything of significance.
I can hop just fine in place, but as soon as I say “I want to jump up that” it’s suddenly a problem.

Basically the only things I can jump onto are things I might as well just ride up onto (a few cm, no more)
Any specific tips (i.e. weight distribution… I don’t know… something else?) for hopping? (Mostly SI because I want to be able to do it during everyday riding)

Me too, I always thought my crappy jumping was because I am a fat blob. But maybe my jump height deficit is because I don’t have the proper technique …and I am a fat blob.

no. I am pusing 220 pounds right now and can go high enough for my liking

Hope springs eternal!

Jumping on a uni is difficult to get a hang of. You have to learn the weight distribution of the pedals to perfection. Locking your legs is not the way to get any height. You need to jump with your leg muscles fairly loose, until you actually jump. I could write a few pages on technique.

My biggest tips are:

loosen up those muscles. They won’t be able to generate any power if they are contracted. I still remind myself of this when I tense up.

learn your weight distribution (jump onto a skinny perpendicular. Most beginners have a HUGE trouble with this). Try landing with less and less force required to hold yourself and your cranks parallel to the ground on the skinny. when you generate power for your jump, any discrepancy in weight distribution will be amplified.

When you start getting some height, --don’t jump too close to the object. As a basic rule of thumb, jump about 1/2 away of your side hop height. So if you’re jumping 100cm, jump away from about 50cm. You’ll find your sweet spot that you are most comfortable with.

believe in yourself! you can make that jump no problem. find your little ritual to get you pumped up and ready.

once you are more familiar with your uni, you have to learn how to tuck for side hops (an actual tuck) and rolling hops (more of a pike), which is another artform;) for another time.


Danni posted really good advice but most of all to hop high you just need to practice hopping alot

from my begginer jumps (i can do about 30-35cm SI) i found that i get more height with a “focused jump”. bunnyhop until you’re in the right position and feel comfortable. then standstill and jump. no prehops just one moment of pure focus. for the massive high jumps a prehop may be required but i think that up to 50cm it’s mainly focus and the right “kick” timing