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Hi everyone,

I have recently been jumping up things. Down is easy, but up is a different story. I have only been able to jump up small things like a 25 cm high stair in my staircase.

Do you have any hints or suggestions to jumo higher? Please tell me becuase I am stuck with jumoing low.

I have also been trying to petal grab things and jump up that way, do you have any hints with that?


I guess the best advise I can give is just to practice a lot. It will get easier with time, as your technique inproves.

practice practice

cheers… Mojoe

Thank you,

I will do that. I saw some of your movies, and your awsome. How long have you been jumping?


Re: Jumping help

unicycle_x wrote:

> Do you have any hints or suggestions to jumo higher?

Take a look at the Kris Holm Workshop videos at lutkus.com. There’re
very informative videos and a couple of them specifically talk about and
demonstrate hopping and jumping.



I think Mojoe summed it up best.

Theres also alot of stuff if you use the search feature of the forum look for words like High jump and pre hop

The big key in being able to go from small ups like kerbs to bigger things is getting comfortable timing the compression of your tire. The other thing that is really usefull is learning to bend your knees and lift the tire underneath/ to the side you when your hopping. Its a strange feeling at frist but once you get the hang of it you can get up 12-15" and from there you can add on the real height.


when you jump the spring comes from your legs,
as you prepare to jump bend your legs, then to jump straighten quickly them causing your body to move upwards.
you probably realise this already, but now consider the diference that seat height can make
lower seat = legs more bent before jumping = higher jumps.

i agree with the pre-hop. and also, having a high vertical jump helps. When you get to the stage where you think you’ve about reached your max height, try rolling hops, or seat out-front. My max used to be about 50cm. now the highest i’ve jumped is 91cm. This is because you can tuck the wheel up behind you. Try lowering your seat a bit, this usually gives you more “clearance” height, and allows you to clear some bigger hops.



25cm is not at all bad. How long have you been unicycling?


How long did it take you to go from 50cm hops to 91cm hops? I’m going to start doing a bit of high jumping practice because it’s so useful.


Ryan what is your vertical jump? Mine is 28 in. and I can hop 21 in.

It took me about 5 months, to go from 50cm, to 91.

I think my vertical jump is around 20 inches, maybe a little bit more. It used to be 8 inches. d’ont laugh. I think that unicycling improved it alot. Anyways, technique is the largest part of it.


HAHAHA Just kidding.



It took me about one week to learn to to hop alone, and about 2-3 weeks to jump up my stairs (25 cm). Is that good? My vertical off a uni is about 22-24 in.


It sounds pretty good to me. Is the vertical jump (without the uni) just jumpingon the spot and tucking in your legs? if so I measured mine at 36" or about 90cm. My unicycle high jump is half that so I’ve got a lot of practice to do. I want to be able to jump high before UniNats (in October) parly to compete in the high jump but mainly to jump around on the car they’ll have there in a little trials playground.



I just re-measured my vertical jump and it’s now 28 in. I am not tucking my legs when i do this. I stand by a wall and reach up as high as i can and mark it. Then i jump and toch the wall as hight as i can. I measure the difference and that’s my vertical.


Your vertical jump will be a good bit less than 36 inches. A 36 in. vertical jump is quite high. Kobe Bryant’s vertical jump is 38 in.

Ahh, I see. I was measuring from the ground to my feet which were tucked in. I’d imagine that my vertical jump will be very small.


How much does a flatter tire help in the jumping process. Also when i try to jump high, my feet come off their pedals. How can i fix that?


They shouldn’t be coming off if your holding onto the seat.