jumping heght help

I can only jump 15cm high possibly 20 but this is my highest jump i can do how do i get more high just if there is a chance of my meght and phisique affecting it i am 12 yrs old weigh 44 kg and i have a runners phiseque

what could i do to get my jumps higher (im learning to ride with my seat out)

hey mate, i was gonna ask where bouts in aus do u live ???

but the answer to ur qstion, search through the forum, there has been many of the same question b4

Hey dude!
Learning to hop with your seat out front (which is how i understood your question) is really hard. Iv tried and failed many times. But in answer to your question, try and compress the tire before you pull up on the seat. (im assuming you have a handle) Its the same principle as a bouncy castle. You would be suprised at how much it can help. Also, practice hopping onto things rather than just seeing how high you can hop into the air. i found trying to hop to a crank climb on really high obstacles helped.
Hope this helps!

Actually, hopping SIF isn’t so hard as it may seem. It took me maybe a week to get quite proficient at riding SIF, and then maybe another week to get a 50cm hop. I’m now up to 75cm hops, and my ultimate goal is getting 90cm down.

Now, in answer to the topic-starter, higher hopping consists of two parts. One, the tire compression. You want to push down as hard as you can on that tire, to compress it. Two, the ‘tuck’. Now, seat in has much less tucking that seat out does, you might want to just look at a few movies of good riders doing seat in hops. Basically, you want to fold over forwards.