Jumping Conditions?

Hi all of you i don’t know and ive been doing some digging around this part of the forums and i am learning to stall and more importantly JUMP!

because i am in a kind of area where i have facilites available, e.g. walls basketball courts, etc.

I am wondering 1. is there any particular way or area to learn how to jump on the spot, if you can understand what i mean, and also waht shouldi learn first stalling or jumping?

thnx in adveance aden

  1. I don’t know if there is any particular way of learning to hop, just try and maybe hold onto something with one hand.

  2. Definitly jumping. You can use that so much more!

Hopping in spot is one of those things that you could practice anywhere. I still suck at doing a still stand but I can easily stay in place by hopping. Both are great skills to learn.

I learnt by either starting to hop right after freemounting to get my balance or riding for a bit and slowing down before coming to a stop and start hopping. Hold the handle with one hand and have the other arm out for balance when hopping.

i tried this today, i got a vid of me jumping straight after a mount, and then again when slowing down, accept i didnt jump nearly as high.,will post soon to check if im doing anything wrong.

is there an edit button anywhere, anyways i got the video uploded, its not good but not suicidaly bad either lol


Hopefully 1 of these may help you. :smiley:

Basic stuff. :smiley:

A more detailed version of it. :smiley:

Shoes might be a great option.

thanks, ill try them this arvo after school, i have a very small drop 3" i think i can try to jump off.

Also about jumping sideways, is there any partiular way to do it, i was told i gotta kinda ‘fall’ to the side then jump?

yup, you have to be off balance to jump sideways unless you just want to jump right back to where you started from.