jumping breakthrough!!!

A few days ago i had some thoughts about my jumping tequnique on how i could improve it. i was learning to pedal grab (not crank grab) at the time and found it was very difficult trying to land it from a hop rather than a jump. however my jumps were week when combined with trials only 7 inches or so and about 14 inches just in open ground and i’d be all over the place.

anyway, i thought that i should be jumping more during a jump than pulling the uni up. i imagined that the pedals were solid ground, and that i was jumping straight off the floor. i took the seat out, balanced, crouched down really low and sprang off the pedals with all my might bring the uni up with me and then crouched in mid air to bring the tyre up as high as possible. wow!!!, i improved my jump height by about 5 inches just from the change of tequnique. i can now do about 18" or 19".

im also alot more confident with jumps involved with trials now and have learned to pedal grab(not crank grab) and then go to rubber since my tequnique change.

i couldn’t believe that something i had thought about had improved my height by soooo much. has anyone else had a similar experience, thinking of somehting to improve your tequnique and it actually works straight away?

thanks for reading,


Nice work. My main hopping improvements came from concentrating on pulling the uni up underneath me which came after changing to seat out hopping.


How easy is it to hop with the seat out? I have tryed it once or twice, but I much rather have the seat in.


Well, so many people insisted that it’s better so I thought it would be worth spending time to learn…which it was. It very really unnatural and awkward to begin with.


My jump height is about the same as my hop height now but hopping is so much easier. when first starting seat out front it’s very difficult, but it gets easier and eventually jump height should be more than hop height becasue your crotch doesn’t get in the way of the seat. my trialsing friend can hop way higher than i can jump though :angry: but i am catching up!


Just to clear things up a bit for me here, could you please define ‘jumping’?


jumping is hopping with the seat out front, or back i guess.