jumping, and landing

I was wondering if anyone might offer some advice on jumping or riding off
objects. I am happy to do down curbs, and stairs, but I am wanting to find a way
off taller objects, such as tables and railings, and such.

I tried making a jump somewhere around 3.5 or 4 feet down with very little
success. I think my biggest problem was the feat factor, but assuming I get over
that, what’s the good way to go? I figure seat-in-front jumping is the best way
to go, and I know I need to concentrate on keeping my feet on the pedals all the
way down. Where exactly on the pedal should I position my foot? I ride with the
ball of my foot on the pedals, but landing there would seem to make injury easy.

I am stronger at jumping sideways than am at forward. Assuming I had the skill
to do either equally well, is one preferred over the other?

thanks all, jeff lutkus

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