Jumpin' Sabin Flash at the Gas Gas Gas

The Soggy Bottom Bunch (thanks S.Howard) went out for a Trials ride at GasWorks last Saturday afternoon. Greg H., John C., Tom J., Tom & Miles B., Jon M., Steve & Andrea D. and some kid who claimed to be Sabin A.

Sabin said he hadn’t been to GasWorks since he was about 5. He could have fooled us! He owned the place in no time.

As usual Andrea and I took way too many pics. About 50 of them and one vid are at http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/AtTheGas .

Sabin cleaned some great lines. Greg wasn’t too shabby himself, except where he tried to Grab a concrete wall. That was painful to watch.

Way cool pedal grab sequence, 12 frames at 7 frames per second. Several other Kodak moments too.


Great stuff Steve. Looks like a lot of fun. I liked the 7 frames per second sequence. What camera? And THANKS for putting good captions on the photos too.


Thanks for taking and posting the photos, Steve. We agree that Sabin never comes to Gasworks again, right? That was fun and we had nine riders there at one time. Too bad we couldn’t get JC to ride that wild, steep, downhill skinny again. He cleaned both slopes first try. Tom Blackwood conquered his first flight of stairs that day, too. Andrea started hopping up stairs. Miles took his SkyCycle on its maiden voyage. But there’s no doubt that Sabin was the show. I’m sore. I took lots of geezer candy afterwards.

Nathan, thanks for your comments, it was a lot of fun.

I have a Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi . Its a pro-sumer grade camera. 5MP but I do a lot of my shooting at lower resolutions.

Pro’s- 28 - 200 mm equiv. zoom, tons of features, takes an external flash, Electronic View Finder, feels like an SLR.

Con’s - A bit complicated, lens is a bit slow - I sometimes get blur when shooting in low light like in the woods, a bit bulkier than I would like for transporting.

becuase I was bored, and enjoy using flash, I made your sequance of pictures in to an animated gif, and a flash player thing. sweat them here:


props on working the stones into your subject.

Hey Dan, is there any reason that you opened six new albums?

Good shots. I saw Sabin clean the zigzag wall, but didn’t realize Andrea had ridden it too. Punks!!!

After making it down both slopes on the first try I figured it was best to let that experience live on without diluting it by attempting (and failing) to ride it again. This way that first attempt is more special and that’s the one that everyone there will remember. I like it when everyone is left with the impression that “Wow! that guy’s good!”. :smiley:

That’s much better than the impression that everyone is left with after my aborted attempt to jump two stairs at once in the first picture in the album. :frowning: Now everyone knows how much I suck at jumping. I think I have something like an 8" vertical leap. My jumping is pathetic. Bah!

I now direct your attention to this photo. Yeah! That’s better. That guy’s good. :slight_smile: