okay ive done the search and havent found much, so could you people please instruct me on how to jump on my uni and any suggestions or learning experiences you guys have had that have made it easier?
thanks to anyone who responds

Here is a 3 step way to do it.

  1. ride forward and come to a stop with your pedals horizontal, and then stillstand for a second and keep riding.
    2.Once you can do that good then stop, stand up on the pedals when they are horizontal, hold that for a second then sit down and ride away.
  2. After step 2 try to stand up and then grab the front of the seat and jump.

You could also try holding onto something and just doing small hops while holding on to get used to hopping.

Here is a thread on how to jump.

One suggestion I have that hasn’t been mentioned is to start small. At least in my experience, I wasn’t hopping the full height of a curb right off the bat. I had to learn the technique of stopping to a stillstand, then thrusting downward before I could work on increasing the hop height. Try practicing over a crack in the sidewalk or find some place with a 1-2 inch height to learn first.

Its another one of those things that only comes with practice… You need to stop on one of your 2 balance points (cranks horizontal, left foot forward or back) and try hopping on the spot. One balance point will be more comfortable than the other to you (its personal choice, there’s no correct way). And just hop until you fall off (usually sideways). The more you do it the more stable you get, and you can then go from there to go for height. Once you’ve got static hopping down ok, you can go on to rolling hops or seat out…