jump with your feet?

Can someone explain what poeple mean when they say jump with your feet not your arm.Do you mean like bend your legs and spring up and ount pull with your hand a bit? :thinking:

I thought that you should jump with your ankles…

no, i jump just like on flat ground, but with my hand on the uni w/ just enough tension to keep a small amount of pressure with my hand.
just keep practicing, it will naturallly come to you over time, as frustrating as these words are, its the only way to do it.

:stuck_out_tongue: yer it gets realy annoying when they say just practise i suppose your right

I actually just had this problem yesterday. I had no clue what they meant by “with your feet”. Then I thought up my own method of learning and it worked:

-Find a uni you don’t really care about, because it will hit the ground in this practice method.
-When you’re riding and the pedals get to the 3- and 9-o’clock positions, jump off the uni as high as you can.
-This helped me learn how to press down on the pedals while still preventing the wheel from turning and you will be able to focus on only the jump, without worrying about the landing.
-After a few jumps, focus on doing the same thing with the jump, but this time hold onto the seat and pull it up with you.

This method added at least 10 inches to my hops. I hope it will work for you!

10 inches…up?

I learned to hop by just doing bunny hops, bouncing on one spot. Then, as you become comfortable at this, practice tucking the unicycle up underneath you as you jump (a good exercise I found for learning this was to try and get into the tuck position from a standstill, ie. pick something up off the ground).

I personally do not know what it means to “jump with your feet”. My best advice for jumping (SIF, that is) would be to learn to tuck as much as possible, for that seems to be the best way (I have found) to hop higher.

sweet i just improved my jump by 7inches thanks everybody:D