Jump mount

Just did it lots! 90% sucess rate =]

Hurt my leg,

its now just hit me,

the key to any trick is confidence and over coming the fear of falling =]

working a treat =]


good job!

Yap, I agree. The first step is always the hardest:D It took me a while to build up confidence to jump on the pedals

good job, now try suicide mounts(jump mount without holding the seat), but make sure you dont sit on the family jewls when trying them!!

it helps for your first few trys to jump on the cranks just to get the motion down.

I’d kill myself if i tried that…

Try doing a front flip off a 3 stair then land on it, that would be sweeet!!!:smiley:

gagtape is a girl so i am pretty sure she doesn’t have family jewels. maybe some jewerly but not the kind ur thinking of. but i don’t think i would try suicide jump mounts with out bike shorts at least.

1-5 hours per day unicycling and you can’t suicide mount? :thinking:

Elzi (a girl from our group) performs suicide mount on a Coker: impressive!

i agree i dont even ride that much and i can do it!


Hehe yes i am in the female form hehe


i would try suicide mount but its so wet id die riding lol keeps raining!!!

But yes i dont have family jewels i am female =]

suprised someone knew that lol and i dont wear jewelerry its nasty lol

i clicked on your ride for charity link and saw 2 female names so i took the guess.