Jump Mount

I can jump mount sif. any tips doin it with seat in?

well the first freemount i learnt was in fact the seat in jump mount.

hold the seat handle with your hand.

have the uni in front of you with the pedals lined up to where you would for the SIF mount

jump up as normal but as your coming up slide the seat in between the legs

hope that helps

Jump high, over the seat.

You’ll be doing suicides in no time.

hold the front handle instead of the middle of the seat… then hold nothing and do a “suicide” mount… i actually managed it the first time i tried… jump abit higher but not much.

you’ll get it just try holdign the front handle (if u have one)


one hand on the seat. practise so that the seat falls back towards you SLOWLY after a second. repeat. then jump. land on the seat. catch the saddly with ur crotch. >>>COMFY<<<

Weird, I just searched for “Jump Mount Help” and didn’t find this…a bunch of unispin stuff instead. I can’t really jump high and my wheel is completely round. I use the unicycle itself to help push me up, and ta-dah! Jump mount! But I can’t seem to get the variations with this method! Any help, fellow unathletic people? Or the athletic ones who once went through this? Also if I get nervous the unicycle does a double crankflip while I’m holding the seat. It has more skill than me! :frowning: How do you correct this problem? Shin guards work, but my shoes, you tie them and then you put on a zipper on top of that. They’re kinda ugly, but the laces never get caught in the spokes. :smiley: Anyways, I forget to put on my shinguards! Because of the zipper I have less room for my hands to untie the knot so it’s harder! And my shin guards go inside my shoe(some of the thingies to keep them in position) so I get lazy…

Either your seat’s too high or you’re too scared to just jump. The pedals are 10 inches off the ground if you’re riding a 20 incher. And anyone can clear that, athletic or not. If you’re whacking yourself on the seat, it might be because the seat’s too high but it might also be becacuse you’re afraid to clear the seat .

One of my friends gave this really good piece of advice. He taught me to keep my wheel in place by having it against the wall with the pedals horizontal. Then jump on. Because your momentum pushes you forward and the wheel can’t go forwrad, your pedals won’t budge. Keep doing that until you are confident and you’ll be jump mounting in no time.

I hardly ever do them seat in coz if it messes up…
OUCH! :astonished:

Odd, I learned seat-in jump mounts long before seat-out.

Just be sure to hold the handle, jump higher than you think you need to, and if you’re really nervous about it, practice in the grass first. This trick, as well as the suicide mount, is very easy, it just takes a little bit of guts.

just do an acid drop!

that works