jump mount help

I have tried many times to jump mount, but I can’t seem to get up the nerves. I even wore bike shorts and a pair of normal shorts over them and wore shin guards. i need somebody to change my spirit. Also, are you supposed to do it seat in or seat in front?

seat in or seat in front works :slight_smile:
You literally just have to go for it dude, it’s really not that hard!
just dont miss…

thats what im worried about. i need convincing

I find jump mounts really easy, Like what alisterburt said dont miss haha


take a hack saw to your seat post and lower your seat. So when you do miss you wont crunch your nuts to bad.

i will probably try it right after i accomplish something else.

how i learnt it :slight_smile:

1.get pedals level
2.stand back from the uni and hold the seat.
3.jump onto cranks
4.shove seat back in quickly
5.sit on seat and shift feat to pedals
7.jump on pedals instead
8.jump on pedals and go si right way instead of sif
9.there ya go :slight_smile:

pretty much just go for it. i learned to do it on grass so if i fell it wouldnt hurt.

i’m not that good sif though, and ive never jumped onto cranks

firmly countdown and don’t allow yourself to be a sissy. Just go and see where you end. But go.

cut a mousemat (the thick rubber ones, not the thin plastic ones) in 4 pieces, and put them in your socks.

No, you need to do it yourself.

yes (and it’s up to you).

i dont get it. i am willing to try, but i dont get what you mean with the mouse pads.

Pads for your ankles

yeah i got it about 11 minutes after i posted. edit fail

What goes wrong when you fail - I mean what sort of injury can a person sustain when they miss the pedals attempting this?

Which mounts do you think is easiest to learn after the rollback and static mounts?

well, i may never have children. does that say enough? and for other mounts…

this is the order i learned mounts in:
with wall, on kerb, freemount (holding wheel), freemount, rolling, rollback, side, kick-up, SIF, and hopefully soon jump mount, then suicide.

I thought the jump mount WAS the suicide mount…they are different?

jump mount is holding the seat. for the suicide mount you let go before you hop on. but as far as i am concerned, they are both suicide. for sperm

For me - personally - it was easier to learn the jump mount SIF first. I just tried to hold on to something while having one hand on my seat. I felt safer. :smiley: Probably it’ll help you to make a friend stand around so he can catch you in the case you fall.

Oh and as you already know how to mount SIF you are not that far away from the SIF jump mount, I guess. Plus it won’t hurt your balls. :roll_eyes:
Well, at least I believe it won’t … I don’t got this problem. :o

so…you have to have nerves and privates of steel to pull off this mount?

This is by far the easiest mount, but it’s scary. My advice is do it in grass first. Grass is softer if you miss, and you can dig the wheel a bit so the uni won’t ride away. You have to be confident, and put the two feets in the pedals at the same time. If you miss, 90% of times you will be able to handle the mistake and confortable step in the grass without injuries. I never miss both pedals, you will always put at least one foot so your balls are safe. Take a deep breath and do it. Then try holding the seat just with one hand, and then do it sif, and then 180 unispin mount. It’s easy, I promise :smiley: