Jump height records

What is your record for hop height?

55cm over a bar with an Onza uni, although on my muni it’s much lower. I was just borrowing the Onza…I can’t wait to get a trials uni.

How about you? Didn’t you say you were doing 60cm or something?


oh yeah

Forgot to say that I got 24 inches, which is about 60 cm.
Edit- I got my record on my KH 20, if anybody cares or was wondering.

Mine is also 24" as of last night on to a stump. I was on a united trials.

Sometimes I’ve made 77cm sidehop over the bar…


i’ve made just over 60cm onto a wall on my 24 inch muni.

Re: Jump height records

This is probably the right spot: Moritz Hahn cleared 82cm in the heigh jump
competition during German Nationals last week. That was pretty darn

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> What is your record for hop height?
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For all those guys that are doing those ridiculously high jumps (60cm and more), and for anyone else, do you use a pre-hop? How high would you say your pre-hop is? How low do you bend down? That’s amazing…keep up the good work.


My jump is about 12" or so.

BIG jump

My best jump height is about 1/2" or so. :frowning: Somtimes I come down.:wink: Never on the unicycle. :angry:

Still working on it. :sunglasses:

I sometimes use a prehop, but not always. I am trying to see my highest jump without a prehop, then with a prehop to see how much it helps me. I think I got the 24" with a prehop, but almost got it without one. It was also just a normal hop, not seat out front.

That’s amazing! Where does the wheel go to get the height over the bar? Are you just doing an enormous hop straight over or are you swinging the wheel out in front or something? Any videos?


Well, I am 6’3", and my seat is all the way down. I don’t really move the wheel out front, but maybe slightly. I run my tire at about 20 psi, so that gives some good bounce. I will try to put up some video, but I will have to borrow my dad’s camera. I didn’t do it over a bar, I did it onto a rock. The gang is going for a ride tomorrow, so maybe I can get some video then.

67cm… roughly 2.3 feet but thats just the only thing i’ve ever measured

Was that seat in front?

holy $H%!

you guys are crazy, i have only jumped up about 13"

I can hop about 55cm, of course seat out, I’m only Logan.

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Re: Jump height records

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Then it’s your own fault I don’t buy you Profiles. Only to have to
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Now having seen your sponsorship thread: you might have difficulty
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How hard can it be? I can think of at least 8 options that don’t involve TV watching, but not all of them are appropriate:
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