July 15th 2006 meeting in Stockholm was fun!

The enhjulingsfolket (unicycle people) had a somewhat impromptu meeting on Saturday.
Look at the nice pix!
I’ve just moved to Stockholm (originally from Alabama) and this was my first time meeting other unicyclists. It was great fun!
Adde, Auno, Björn, Jimmy and Shapr (me) were at the meeting.
We did some muni near a ski slope, swam a bit in the lake, and rode on the cobblestones around KTH.
Björn and Adde went home after that and Auno, Jimmy and Shapr continued on to the King’s Garden.
We had ice cream when we got there and Jimmy and Auno did tricks while I practiced idling and stairs.
We met various people who wanted to know more about unicycling, and Jimmy and Auno heard a new smart-alec comment while the two of them rode past a father, “Look son, their tandem is broken!”

The one-wheeled people are organizing a beginners meeting next, if you’re in Stockholm and you want to learn to unicycle, get on the forum and talk to us!