Jugllefest Austin 2004

Jugglefest Austin 2004 is February 13-15 this year (three weeks from now).

Infomation more information online at http://www.juggling.place.org/jfest/index.html.

This year includes these scheduled unicycling events:

8:30am Sat - Muni Ride at Walnut Creek Park
(where there is a wonderful collection of easy thru moderate+ trails)

9:30am Sun - Campus uni ride
A nice lazy ride on the UT campus

11:00am Sun - Unicycle Challenge Obstacle Course
A trials competition

A bunch of Trials props will be setup most of Saturday and Sunday (and maybe Friday).


Infomation more information online at http://www.juggling.place.org/jfest/index.html.

The Muni ride is scheduled for 8:30AM Saturday, Feb 14

Here are directions for the muni ride:


I missed this thread the first time. Great to hear you are organizing some rides. I wish I could be there. Have you emailed the other Texas riders? Some of them don’t keep up with the forum much.

Have fun, I’ll be at the next one!


Scott, feel free to forward the info to the guys you have email addresses for. Or send me their email addresses, and I’ll invite them.

Also, why don’t you come up for the Sunday events. It would be great to see you and you may enjoy watching the trials stuff. And what about the “lazy ride around campus”? Is your knee ready for that?


I’m tossing around the idea of coming up to A-town to join ya’ll for some MUni. I haven’t been on the unicycles much since my injury in October. Hope I don’t slow ya’ll down too much if I do show up :slight_smile:

I see Kenny responded, and I emailed Scott S. about it. Matt and Jerry are the only others and I imagine they know about it.

As for the “lazy ride”, I could certainly do it, but restraint not being one of my strong points I think I should stay away. Any ride can become hazardous if you try hard enough. :astonished:
It would be good to see everyone, I will consider it.


Man, I SAW those riders from Austin today, practicing for the trials competition. They were riding the obsticles (too many to list) with such skill, that they actually had to stop and ponder how to make the course more difficult.

I suggested that they set up a dozen gallon size paint cans (loose, not nailed down spaced 4-5 feet apart for them to gap forward on - and they laughed me out of the place (that’s too easy for them).

If you come, bring it . . . .

Come! The Muni ride is 8:30 Saturday. The trials stuff will be setup for playing around on Saturday and Sunday (and maybe Friday; if we can work out the logistics – if you are showing up early on Friday and have a truck, or trailer to haul stuff in, I’d love to hear from you!)

I’ll just be coming up Saturday morning for the Muni ride. I rode with Matt (mkufhal) today and I think he may be coming up with me

That’s great. It will be great to ride with you again. Matt too. -Eric

Eric actually called me and gave me a heads up about the weekend, but I failed to get the exact dates and already have plans for Saturday. I had some real “valentines day” plans, but they only existed in my head, so the runner-up plan involves cycling on the ordinary. Sunday might be possible. I’m about as good at ‘lazy rides’ as I am at competing in trials, but it would be fun.

Ok, it has been raining pretty steadily in Austin for several days. We are going to inspect the trail conditions and make a last minute decision about riding them or not.

The trails here tend to dry out quickly so don’t assume we are going to cancel.

If we cancel the Muni ride, we will have some other activity to replace it. Bring hockey sticks if you have them. We may setup a hockey match and/or have trials toys to play with.

If you plan to attend any of the Austin Uni Events associated with the Jugglefest this weekend, please PM me or duaner so that we have an idea as to who is coming. It would also be nice to have cell phone numbers, in case we decide to change the location of any activities, we can call to let you know.


The muni ride is now cancelled.

Nothing will replace it unless someone shows some interest.

The trials room at 302 Bellmont Hall will be open at 10am on Saturday for anyone to play with all the stuff in there.


Man, this weekend is not going as planned . . . my MUni didn’t arrive yet, I missed this message about trials today, and my email stopped working “out of the blue” today. A couple sets of leg armor arrive though :slight_smile:

WHERE is the trials event tomorrow?
Is there still going to be a campus ride?

The campus ride is on for tomorrow at 9:30AM. We are meeting in front of Belmont hall. The weather looks good, but chilly. (I’d suggest layers).

The trials event is in room 302 of Belmont hall (it’s a gymnasium) at 11AM (or as soon there after as we can get going after the campus ride).

Belmont hall is the building built into the west side of the UT stadium. NOTE: The road in front of Belmont is closed tomorrow morning (and early afternoon?) for the a marathon. So you may want to check http://www.juggling.place.org/jfest/where.html and http://www.utexas.edu/parking/maps/ for parking info.

We’ve loads of trials stuff: pallets, spools, ramps, 1’ 1.5’ 2’ and 2.5’ platforms, skinnies, 15 sandwichboards, a ladder, posts, logs, etc. But we need more riders! (After an sprained ankle Friday, we only have 3 active trials riders :frowning: )