I’ve been practicing free mount , idling, and riding backwards for last few months, every single day, 30 min each day. I’m very good at idling and free mounting, and pretty good at riding backwards, ( just need to practice, outside
As been in kitchen)
My Question is, I’ve tried 3 ball juggling whilst in idle, and soon as I start to juggle I fall, as my concentration at juggling overrides my idling concentration.
Only been learning 10 min aday for 4 days. I’ve managed to juggle the 3, twice, as in 2 complete throws. Does this take ages to learn ???
Cheers Roy.

You’ve only been at it for 40 minutes so far. I wouldn’t call that “ages”.
Try getting comfortable with a single throw with a single ball first. Then add a second and then a third and increase the number of throws one at a time. Work your way up slowly, getting used to idling and juggling at the same time.

I practiced idling and juggling for about a month (about 30-60 min a day). Was lucky if I got 10 throws by the end. It’s hard. Just keep at it, if you really want to learn it you will eventually. There is a reason you don’t see people doing it all over the place.

Juggling on a unicycle is a combination trick. Typically any style of trick like this requires that you are VERY comfortable at one of the tasks, (so you don’t even have to think about it) and reasonably comfy with the other. It sounds like you have that. I happened to be really comfy with juggling by the time I learned it. You need to dissociate the two tasks for it to get comfortable. It’s just more practice. I would also highly recommend learning this with clubs rather than balls. Clubs are much much easier to catch, and while it takes a little while to learn how to juggle them in general, it’s well worth the wealth of new tricks you can learn. Renegade juggling clubs are relatively cheap, and feel very good for 3 club juggling (and passing).

Typically when I learn a combination trick I put my focus into the thing that I do worse, so for me, I had to focus on the idle, and if I dropped the clubs, then so be it. It sounds like you may be opposite. Make sure your focus is on what you’re bad at, and then what your good at should eventually be natural while doing the new thing.

As with any trick, learn with good form. If you find yourself tweaking your body in some weird way, try to find the source of that, rather than battle and struggle against it.

If you’re really not particularly comfortable with juggling, I would suggest trying to manipulate your standard cascade pattern. Make higher throws, shorter throws, wait longer between throws, throw high and minimize time between throws, etc. Play around and get as comfortable as you can. Learn a few new tricks.

It’s never fun to learn a trick you’re not ready for. When you are ready for it, it won’t take too long before you start seeing progress. If it does, try other tricks to work your way up to it once you’ve developed more general skills.

Are you able to ride forward and juggle?

+1 to using clubs.

Also, can you bunnyhop? When I started juggling on the yike, I found it much easier to juggle while bunnyhopping than while idling. The reason is that it’s easier to sync the hopping rhythm to the juggling rhythm than to sync the idling rhythm to the juggling rhythm.

+1 to that - I can ride forwards and juggle (badly and not consistently, but then I’m a rubbish juggler anyway), but nowhere near being able to juggle whilst idling - though I figure that working on juggling whilst riding and doing lots of idling as a separate thing is a quicker and less frustrating way to get there.

Interesting comment about clubs - I’ve never tried juggling with those, hopefully if our local circus skills club meets again I’ll try and have a go. Though I guess I need to work a lot on my juggling as whilst I’m reasonably comfy idling I’m not even that at juggling (and only manage to juggle whilst riding forwards because I can ride without thinking at all about it).

Yep, that’s where I was headed with that. It wasn’t too hard to learn to juggle three balls and ride forward, and I thought it might be a good intermediate step to juggling while idling.

I cannot be bothered idling. I want to get somewhere.

For 40 years I just unicycled and juggled 3 clubs, though before that I liked 3-ball uni juggling,behind the back and various tricks.

For the past 18 months, I’ve been working on doing double spins with the clubs on the uni. That was a REAL challenge, oddly enough. I’m pretty comfortable with it now. However, I can uni club juggle single spins more tha 5 miles without a drop on a 36" whereas I cannot consistently uni juggle double club spins a half block (20 + tosses).

eh, personally I consider juggling on a unicycle to be a trick I learned only because it’s difficult and perhaps to perform with a few times. I find no redeeming quality in doing it for distance. To each their own. I prefer not to be a rolling stereotype. If you really want to get somewhere, you can ride much faster with a handlebar and short cranks rather than juggling along the way.

Idling is much more useful for performing the trick on stage, and mandatory for passing while riding. Get a friend to walk on a globe while you idle and pass to him…looks great on a stage.