Juggling/Unicycling convention in Pittsburgh HELP!

I am happy to say that we finally have recieved permission for a gym here at pitt for Sat March 22. Now the planing of activites begins.

I would like to encoperate some Unicycling into it although we probably would get more Jugglers in attendence. I dont think we will be able to do a large scale joust inside, but I still would like to do that if its possible.

Other ideas are:

  • to have some urban trials riding in the city.

-Muni ride outside the city.

  • skill workshops (probably taught my be mostly so nothing over level 5 probably I’m not good enough at to teach.)

  • …?

What other activities can we have?
What are the popular things to do at other conventions?

Also anyone that thinks they can make the event and would like to do something speak up. Thats the only way for us to know what to plan.

Campus Fools

Sounds like fun. It’d be a great road trip to Pittsburgh from Richmond. Who’s putting on the convention?

I’m in. I’ll also be able to bring up to 4 other members of the New York Unatics, or any others who wanna come from the New York area.

My club is. The University of Pittsburgh Campus Fools. I just happen to be the president so I get to make all the calls with stuff like there should be more unicycle related activites… :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I just need to know what you guys want to do!!!


Hmm… I might be able to make it. If I can get the time off from work. I’m already asking for 3 weekends off for uni related events. And honestly uni-ing is more important than work. But unfortunately I need to pay for food or I might not make it through college. I’ll know more im a bit

You know I’ll be there. It’s about time there was an east coast event that I could get to.

I doubt there will be enough teaching type people to have too many workshops, but I’d love to see some games. I’ve always wanted to joust, so I’m in for that. Maybe we could put together a game of quidditch. That’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had on a unicycle. I’d volunteer to put a quidditch game together, if you can get a gym/basketball court with multiple baskets.

Do you have a web site?

And although this doesn’t relate directly to unicycling, I’d be curious what the juggling component will be like.

Anyway, I might suggest working on the publicity soon. I know from my college club, getting travel plans together often requires advance planning.

Good luck with the convention.


Re: Juggling/Unicycling convention in Pittsburgh HELP!

At our annual juggling convention the following unicycling events prove popular for watchers and contestants alike:

Unicycle slalom.

The “cones” used to set out the slalom course are usually vollunteers from the audience. Depending on the number of “cones” available the event is raced in heats of 4 or so. Each person has a line of cones/people/chairs to weave around, circle the last one and weave back. There are usually some nice close finishes and slalom is something most people don’t practice so the average rider is often not far behind more experienced riders.

Unicycle sumo.

Mark out an area, put all riders in it and the last one still riding wins. This is kind of like combat on unicycles. Colliding at speed, pushing, pulling, yanking out the seat, threatening, pushing the seat from behind and removing feet from pedals are all tactics people use. Note you can use a smaller circle and have bouts of 1 on 1 if you want to determine a champion that way. Mass chaos is usually more fun though.

I really want to go to a convention, but I’m too dirt poor, and none are near me. Yours is only like 2 hours. Hopefully, yours doesn’t cost money, OR I’M NOT COMMING!

If I went, I’d like to see MUni and trials, just like you said. I would also like your workshops. I’m a level 5 myself, (Okay, 4.9) but I could probabally still learn some suff from you. Uni Basketball and Hockey would be fun. I’ve never done that, on teams at least. I would definately go, just a few questions:

How long would it last?

Where exacally in Pittsburgh?
-Driving Directions?

Otherwise, this would be real fun!!! I’ll try my hardest to get there!

-Joe the Unipsycho

What’s the “ism” of “quixotic”? Quixoticity? Quixotism? Quixoticism? Hmmm.



Hey nbrazzi, where abouts Fairfax are you from? My hometown is Manassas, but now I live and go to school in Richmond. I didn’t realize there were any other municyclists in the area besides me and the gang. You’re absolutely right that there aren’t enough east coast events going on. Anyone else up there in Fairfax?

Any events or activities are cool with me. I’ve never been to a real unicycling convention, so my standards are pretty low.

I used to be Very active on this forum, but due to lack of time, I have been pretty lax on my posting, however I still keep myself up to date on the posts. I have noticed that many if not all of your posts have made you seem like an angry disgruntled person. You flame so many people, and treat others with such disrespect that I must change my theory that all unicyclists are pretty nice people.

Please follow the simple expression: “If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all”

You must realize that conventions are considerably costly to the organizers. It usually takes money to rent a space, pay security, cleaning crews, and the like. You must also raise capitol to buy food and drinks so that you can then sell them to others. T-shirts are also another huge expense.

To conclude, you made it sound that if you didnt attend the convention, we would all be missing out on something very special. I now encourage the organizers to charge admission so that all of us serious riders, jugglers, and performers could have a better time in your absence.

This is not meat to be a flame, but rather a serious, honest post which reflects my feelings toward this particular user. Please be more respectful toward the users of this forum.

There is no admission fee to the Pittsburgh Juggling Shindig. We simply are asking for donations. Dave is right though it costs a terrible amount to put together an event like this. And even more to have a show that night.

I hope everyone can attend I will be posting more info as it comes arround

But these are the events we initially plan to have.

Events start at 10 am and go till 5, there will be a show (hopefully) at 7pm all juggling at this point (I would love to get a unicyclist on the program) .

1/2 court uni basketball game


Workshop on basic riding and tricks

Hopefully I’ll be able to set up a small trials area outside, if not Urban trials in the city.

And a possible Muni ride sunday morning if I’m not too hungover/ still drunk.