Juggling- Talk about juggling in this thread

What can you juggle, how many objects can youi juggle, what tricks can you do, can you juggle on a unicycle?

I can juggle 3 clubs and sometimes do double spins
I can juggle 3 rings
I can juggle 3 balls and can do lik,e 15 tricks like- mills mess, shower, halfshower, windmill, columns a, columns b, cascade tennis, reverse cascade, under the arm, sometimes under the leg, my made up trick, and more etc…

Wait, did I stumble into jugglinggeeks.com?

Let’s see, talk about juggling: Can anyone think of a more pointless and repetitive activity? It’s like getting on your unicycle and doing nothing but idling for hours.

Ummm ok i think this thread is useless…

Hi there,

Come join us at the thread posted above to talk about juggling, then we won’t bother those who aren’t interested!

Hope this helps!

Mark Watson

PS - I juggle! PM if you want a chat about it!

I juggle a bunch of stuff.

however I do not see juggling related to unicycling in any way.

I most do clubs and balls on the uni. I´ve just started skateboard as well, just for fun. On the uni i´ve done:
90 catches with 5 clubs
11 catches with 6 clubs.
78 catches with 6 balls
35 catches with 7 balls
11 catches with 8 balls.
Backcrosses with 3 clubs.

I like to do balance while idling and juggling at the same time.
I´ve done 20 catches with 4 clubs.
and 9 with 5 clubs.

I´ve done the 744 (two cycles) back into the pattern on the uni.
singles and flats on the uni is still in the gym as well.


Anyone who can learn me something?

Yep, that you mean ‘‘teach’’ not ‘‘learn’’. Somebody teaches you. You learn from them.

In some languages, Welsh for example, the word for ‘teach’ and ‘learn’ is the same. This of course may lead to confusion when talking English.

Interesting, I had no idea! I am learning 5 ball mill’s mess at the moment, and getting pretty long runs of 4 ball mill’s mess.

jamessd and cathwood, thanks for telling, I´m grateful.
lpounds, seems nice. Have you tried the siteswap (4 balls): 633 in mills mess?

I can do mills with 3, any more is time consuming to learn…

No actually i really need to learn about siteswap, do you know where i can do this?

At my circus school I saw my trainer do simply one full millsmess with 5 balls and a I asked if it was possible in an interesting way, if he perfected it it would look sweet. But I really don’t know how the heck the pattern goes.

14 June is world juggling day you know…


Okay, I don´t really know much about siteswap but my tip is to google.

good tip will do.

maximus: cool, i didnt know. Too bad I will be on my way to RTL.