Juggling Poll

Juggling keeps popping up on these threads every once in a while.

It got me wondering how many of you know how to juggle?

I can’t.

I juggle. And sure you can. It takes practice just like riding a uni. It took me a few days of practicing a couple hours to be able to juggle a cascade for a few minutes. Now I can juggle quite a few patterns including one of my favorites Mill’s Mess.

I can juggle… I can get 15 throws and catches with 5 balls now. Hopefully Ill get consistant with it soon…
3 balls I can do a lot of different patterns now, and can trick juggle for a couple minutes straight. If i just cascade I could juggle forever.
I also learned pins recently, I dont like them as much as balls because I dont feel I have the space to have as much fun. And getting hit in the face hurts more.

Do you juggle with your teeth? :stuck_out_tongue:

No but that would be sweet too…

Clubs are just long and just like with balls they can sometimes fly in a direction you didnt expect. Your face just tends to be in the way if things like that want to fly past your head.

I juggle, juggling is what got me into unicycling!! Had no interest in unicycling to my mates all learnt to ride so thought I would just learn and give up…5 years later and I unicycle more than juggle, but am still pretty good!! 6 balls, 8 club passing, 4 clubs all solid! Plus I am pretty good at diaboloing!

I started learning to juggle last year but my kids would always steal the balls when I dropped one/two/three. It was pretty annoying so I stopped trying.
I started up again over the winter and now consider myself ‘able to juggle’. I wouldn’t do eggs in the house or anything but I can manage a 3 ball cascade for a couple minutes at a time. I’m working on 4 balls but my left had seems to be too dumb to throw to itself! Maybe someday I’ll figure it out.

Clubs might be fun - I hadn’t considered getting hit in the face though!

It really isnt so bad. The clubs are pretty padded. For me its just frustrating when I am already having trouble and than I am getting beat up by my juggling equipment.

just learned last week, haha.


already getting boring though with the 3 ball cascade (that’s all i can do). maybe i’ll try 4 balls. but i can pretty much juggle 3 now until im tired

I can do 3 ball cascade and reverse cascade.

And ride?

Next ask if they juggle while riding a unicycle.

I juggle during my daily commute on a KH36 clipless.

Just learning. Ask me again in a few weeks! :slight_smile:

An old video of me juggling:


wow you’re really good

lpounds - that is amazing!!!

Ipounds, I agree with those above, you are really good. You must have been doing it a long time. I particularly like how small you keep your patterns - it creates a kind of intimacy with the audience. You make the mills mess look so easy (Aaaaargh!).

I am just learning to juggle. I can do the three ball cascade ad infinitum and some simple three ball tricks and am learning four balls. I can do a four ball flash, but can’t keep four going. My first attempt to juggle and unicycle together was yesterday, and I was surprised that it was easier than I thought it would be.

I came to juggling through unicycling because I saw people on this forum talking about juggling and just thought I would give it a go. A few years ago I was named as the quirkiest doctor in Canada by a medical magazine. Encouraged by that, I have decided to go for the world title. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man I want to be able to juggle so bad.

I’ve been learning for over a year now. Admittedly, not with the same perseverance I learnt to ride my unicycle with, but the lack of progress is really annoying me now :o

I can do three pretty much indefinitely, learned as a kid - I haven’t really put any time into anything more interesting.

Hooray! The competition doesn’t stand a chance!

lpounds… Clean, very clean… You make it look so fun.
That really was an excelent video. Makes me want to get up and practice, and make a video haha… Maybe ill do that today. Sounds like a good time.

Can I dedicate it to you :stuck_out_tongue: