juggling on uni

I learned to free mount a uni today, and i was wondering what else i should do
before juggling on it, (idle??) David RIley

Re: juggling on uni

In order to juggle while on a unicycle, you must be able to ride without
flailing your arms wildly about you. If you can do this, (I’m assuming you can
already juggle well) you can juggle while riding.

If you still move your arms about, try juggling anyway. You’ll drop quite a bit,
the the attempt at juggling will help you get your arms to move around less.

Juggling while riding forwards is by far the easiest way to go. I find it even
easier than juggling while walking (or especially running or jogging) as you’re
on a wheel, and not bouncing up and down any.

As for juggling while idling, that’s a bit more advanced. Once I learned to
idle, the attempts I made to juggle while idling made my idle a lot more stable.
Once you do get to the point where you can juggle while idling, that opens up a
new world of really cool stuff… it wasn’t long after I got juggling while
idling that I managed to pass clubs on a unicycle, and believe it or not, an
under-the-leg throw is very simple if you can (or can come close to) idle

And, of course, the big thing to learn is how to pickup a dropped ball or club
without dismounting… I have yet to master that, but hopefully I’ll get it in
the not-too-distant future.

jeff lutkus

>I learned to free mount a uni today, and i was wondering what else i should do
>before juggling on it, (idle??) David RIley

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