Juggling on a 36 inch unicycle

Not the best quality video, but I tried to capture a quick clip or two of juggling on the unicycle.

Good stuff!

Still trying to learn to juggle 4 clubs :astonished:

4 clubs

I started with 4 clubs this past February (not unicycling) It took 2 months to get my first fifty consecutive throws. Started 4 clubs on the unicycle about a month ago, and once I started getting some success, found that I never want to go back to 3 clubs. I found that if its windy out, I won’t have much success. Keep trying and it’ll come. Thanks for watching!!

Nice! 4 clubs AND a 36er! That’s impressive! I’ve been juggling for a little over a month, and I’d be happy just to be able to juggle 3 balls on my 24".

Thanks. I’m still learning myself. Keep practicing and it’ll come. I am determined to get five clubs going (maybe by next year) and hope to get a lot of practice over the winter. I need to sharpen my four club skills a bit more. I’ve had some better runs of 20-30 throws but no video. My wife only had enough patience to do three takes for the video posted, but fortunately I was at the end of a two hour ride and that is when I am usually at my best. Thanks for watching!

You are a natural!! I’ve been trying to juggle 4 clubs way much longer than two months and I still only manage a couple of throws… It is easy to give up and stick to juggling 3 clubs…You are giving me the push I need to get back to it and keep practising 4 again…

I practiced 2-3 hour per day on average with four clubs, and after 1 month I also had come to the conclusion that it was virtually impossible. I kept up with it and about a month later I really started showing improvement. I hit my first 50 consecutive throw after 2 months. Now, in a 1/2 hour practice session, I can usually reach 40 to 50 throws a few times, but still have those three and four throws occasionally where I drop one.
One big change I’ve noticed over the past few months is the ability to recover from a bad throw and reel the throws back in and continue on. When I was first learning a bad throw would mean it was time to stop, or a dropped club was about to happen
TIP:I found that a small piece of Johnson and Johnson white silk 1 inch tape by 1/2 inch long covering my thumbnails ends for protection will help prevent the thumbnails from cracking for those bad catches which happen occasionally will happen and can be excruciating.

Don’t get discouraged, routinely practicing will gradually improve your skill, and as you improve that in itself will motivate you even more.

Hi Dogpoundar

Thanks for your encouragement. I definitely have to get back to it and put some hours into it. At the moment I only try to juggle 4 from time to time and only for few minutes or so. Haven’t done much juggling clubs lately as my upper back/neck has been bothering me for quite a few months but it is getting better now so I am getting back to juggling clubs again.

Good tip about the fingers: my clubs have lost all the rubber/foamy ends from practising on a concrete yard (they are well beyond repair) and when they hit your fingers it hurts like hell (I don’t bother to buy new ones because they quickly loose the rubber ends when hitting the concrete over and over!).

When I first started with four clubs I found it helpful to throw the clubs “in synch” to develop even throwing heights and rotations. Then, once I could get consistency with my throws for about 10-20 throws, I began throwing them “out of synch.” I find that “out of synch” throwing much easier, but only if you are throwing both left and right sides evenly.