Juggling on a 36 inch coker

A short 30 second clip

Nice juggling. I liked the slow motion.

Squid frame! Haven’t seen one of those around in a while : )

Squid frame

Squid frame seems appropriate, I am juggling dolphin (delphin) clubs. Speed of video was slowed down 25%.

I like the extra juggling moves beyond the simple cascade. Especially the triple!!! I’m gonna hurt myself trying that!!

Triple toss

On an average day I get on and off the unicycle about 75-100 times retrieving dropped clubs over a 12 mile route. I have only been juggling for about 10 months now so I am still very much a novice (although I’ve ridden the unicycle since I was ten). I find the triples to be a little easier than the back to back under the arm tosses. Someday I hope to be able to do five clubs on (or off) the unicycle. I would love to see some videos of other unicyclists juggling, and maybe pick up some ideas. Thanks for watching!


Been working on some triple spins