Juggling in Finland - Grant (money!)

This was just posted over at rec.juggling and I think it is worthy of mention here.

Maksim Komaro is part of the group that puts out the Peapot juggling videos and, frankly, it’s some amazing stuff. I highly recommend checking out the trailers on the site.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

In Finland we have this system where the State gives grants to
select artists. It’s kind of like a state paid salary to support
the artists and give them more freedom to explore their art.
The grants can be for one, three or five years (at least these
three are options). Guess who got one for five years?!?!

Maksim Komaro did! Woo hoo! It is the first time a 5-year grant has
been given to a circus-related artist so it was a rather big
acknowledgement (is that a word? well, it is now [1]) from the
government. Tres cool as they say in France.


That’s nice to hear. Hmm… Would they give a grant like that to me? Maybe I should try it. It would really improve my unicycling if I had more time for it. Well probably I wouldn’t get the grant. I just need to practice more. And ofcourse I can’t get a grant like that just for MUni and trials. I’d have to wear thights or a clown costume and ride in a circus or something like that. And that is something I would never do (the thights or a clown costume part).