Juggling Festival-Munis

I just got back from the Groundhog Day Juggling Festival in Atlanta Georgia where some people had brought their mountain unicycles with them, so I got to sit on one for the first time ever. Wow!; this is what you guys have been talking about. Big fat cushy tires and seats made to land on…Duh, what would I expect anyway?
I’m a juggler. Most of what I have learned about unicycling has been on cycles bought sight-UNseen from the internet. I was just as blown away by the munis I saw as other jugglers were by my Coker[WOW!]. I am going to ask the jugglers amoungst you to bring your fancy munis and Cokers to juggling events and share the love with our brothers and sisters who are still pedeling around on savages. By doing this we may find that the number of riders will increase, hopefully to everyone’s benefit. Thank You, carjug