Juggler with questions

Hey everybody…I’m a juggler who’s new here, and I’m thinking about buying a unicycle and learning.

I weigh about 225-230(and I’m losing weight, a couple months ago i was 240!).

The votes for this situation seem to lean towards the Torker DX. Here’s a question though…are all of them red and black? It IS a bit pricey, but I may still get one. If it’ll last and be a good investment, which it seems to be.

Are there any other options that would work, and hold up even with my weight? What about the United ones for “extra large” adults from unicycle.com? If I’m spending all that money should I just get the Torker DX?

I’m planning on using it for transportation and just recreation, not anything off-road or probably not doing very many tricks. Some unicycling-friends recommended a 24 inch for this. Is that good, or would a 26 inch be better?

Also, any recommendations for dealers would be great. Unicycle.com looks great, but i haven’t been able to find any others…

Thanks a lot!

-Andrew, a hopefully-soon-to-be-unicyclist

Unicycle.com is a great place to start plus staff there are always helpful and listen to your needs.
You don’t say where you’re from so it depends on where that is as to where else you may be able to get one from.
Darren at Bedford unicycles is very helpful and shipped stuff over to the UK for me as I couldn’t get the parts anywhere else.
Have a good chat with people like them and see what they recommend, and welcome to the forums.

For the type of riding you describe you shouldn’t need to go as far as the torker DX. In terms of strength unicycles can basically be split in to those that have a square taper axle, and those that have a splined axle. You only need splines if you’re going to be doing drops or serious offroad riding, and that doesn’t seem to be your intention. The DX has splines, and is thus overkill for your needs. Also it has a fat offroad tyre, which if you’re going to be riding entirely on pavement just wastes energy, is harder to turn and gives a less smoothe ride.

The united has a horrible saddle, this could really put you off trying to ride it, it’s a little more money but I would reccomend the nimbus II 24", it’s good and strong for what you want, comfy saddle, and you get a choice on colours. You might also like to consider the torker lx, I’m afraid i have no personal experience as they don’t sell torker in the UK but they seem popular and are often available through local bike shops and ebay rather than having to buy from UDC (unicycle.com).

Thanks for the help. I live in California, US.

Wow, I hadn’t looked at the LX for some reason. That looks absolutely perfect, and just what I wanted. I wanted something that seemed a little more heavy duty than the CX, and that looks perfect, and I have no idea why i didn’t consider it before. I think i thought LX meant lightweight maybe.

Does anyone know if this will hold/fit someone whose 6’ 1", 230 pounds? 24 or 26 inch?

It’s also incredibly affordable! Thanks so much!

It should hold you.
It has held people doing 3-4 foot drops.
Torker Unicycles are pretty good.
I would go with a 26 inch one.
Or, you could start on a crappy 24 inch one like the Torker CX, then move up to the 29 inch Torker AX.

The Torker LX is a good learner uni, well worth the $10-$20 difference between it and the CX. It will hold you. It is certainly possible for you to break it, especially if you let the cranks get loose, but in normal riding I wouldn’t expect it to be a problem.

It would be worth starting with a Torker DX if you think that MUni or trials is your end goal, but for transportation, something lighter like the LX would be better.

hey , ive got a 20 "torker dx and it really takes a beating. i bet my bottom dollar that it wouldhold your wieght but i dont know what size wheel you should get .:frowning:

Well i can safely that i have a Torker DX for sometime now and i’m very happy with it. Me thinks you should start small like a 20" then when you have enough $$$, move to a 24-26". Then when your self-confidence is at its highest, buy the AX 29er. :smiley: :smiley:

Take care, hoped this helped, have fun and enjoy.
Also welcome to the forums my friend, if you have any questions. Don’t hesitate to ask. :smiley: :smiley:

you might even want the 26" lx if your planning on cruising around.

I plan on using it for mainly just transportation. I’m going to college next year and my ultimate goal is to ride it around campus…maybe. I don’t think I’m going to be using it for anything like MUni, just on-road transportation.

I’ll probably eventually try to use it for a bit of juggling while unicycling too.

The LXs look perfect for what I want to do, and the price is far less than I was anticipating. It’s definitely in the price range I was looking for. I’m just concerned it wouldn’t last as long as it should or not hold me with my weight. And I’m not sure what wheel size to get.

Thanks again everyone! You’re really helping.


It should last fine, for the riding you are doing you do not need a splined hub. People always recommend them regardless of the use to which the uni is going to be put, I’ve never worked out why this is but it is bad advice, you will end up with something exspensive and heavy that is far beyond what you need.

Wheel size - For transport a 26" is very managable for a beginner but still gets you along at a reasonable rate. The 24" is quite slow but will be better if you ever do any performance work or practise juggling while riding in a confined area, you can ride slower on it and thus get more use out of a small area.

Thanks everybody. I was going to wait until August or September to get a unicycle, but now that I’m getting so into it already, I think I’m gonna order one this week!

I’m probably gonna go for the LX, probably 24". I thought I would be saving up tons of money, but these are extremely affordable.

I hope to be riding soon! Thanks!